Weekly Workout Recap: August 12th – August 25th

Marathon Training – Week 5:

  • Monday – Easy 3 + 8 Strides – Today was the day we said goodbye to our sweet Sammy Bear.  I was in no condition to run.
  • Tuesday – 5 Miles with mid 3 at Race Pace – Because this week doesn’t already suck enough, I’m sick.  I can barely breathe, I can’t imagine that will work out well with running, especially at Race Pace.  Instead of putting in 5 miles, I spent my night in bed.
  • Wednesday – Rest or XT – Still sick.
  • Thursday – 6 Miles with 2/2/2 Negative Splits – Beginning to wonder if this is really just allergies or if I’m really sick.
  • Friday – Easy 3 (bail) – As soon as I got off work, we had to do the mad dash to dinner, Braden’s soccer game, then I had a 3-hour drive to Bainbridge for my cousin’s bridal shower. No running today, which is fine since I still feel like poop.
  • Saturday – Long 11 – This was supposed to be a step back week, but since I didn’t do the 12 mile long run last weekend (I ran 4 races instead), I decided to run 12 this week.  Put it off ’til tomorrow because I was out of town for a bridal shower.
  • Sunday – Rest – Planned to do a 12-mile long run.  After a mile, I called my mom to bring me tissues because I could not breathe at all.  When she got to me, half a mile later, she said I looked like I’d been running in the rain.  It was ridiculously humid and I was sweating like crazy.  I kept going and around 4.5 miles stopped at Sonic to refill my water bottle and splash water on my face, then stopped at home at about 6.5 miles to get more water and grabbed Mackenzie and the jogging stroller.  At 8-miles, we both looked like drowned rats and she was upset and I was miserable so I called it a day.  I struggled to breathe through the whole run, that made it really hard to keep going.

Marathon Training – Week 6:

  • Monday – Fun Workout – B and I rode bikes!
  • Tuesday – Easy 6 – I totally forgot about running and took a shower super early, then didn’t want to get gross.. so I did Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown instead.  I’ll do the 6 miles tomorrow when I’m supposed to cross train!
  • Wednesday – Rest or XT.  I said I’d run, I didn’t.  Oh well :)
  • Thursday – Tempo (1 WU, 2 x 1.5 T with .5 Recovery, 1 CD) – I had the stroller for the first 4, so I didn’t push too hard.  Ran 6.09 at 10:26 pace.
  • Friday – Easy 3 (bail) – I was sick :(
  • Saturday – Long 13 with Strong 20 Finish – Still sick.
  • Sunday – Rest

Previous marathon training workout recaps:

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  1. You’ll get there! I know it’s hard not to get discouraged when life gets in the way of training but you’re doing great! Hope you feel better soon. Running when sick just sucks!

    Tricia @ roadtriptheworld
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