November Phone Dump!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We headed down to Orlando this year to celebrate Thanksgiving with Adam’s family (plus some others). His cousin Colleen is getting married next month and she and her fiance have family in town from all over the world, so we had a big family lunch.

Braden quickly got tired of sitting around in a room full of people he really didn’t know (well, half of them anyway) so we headed outside with our pockets full of rolls to feed the birds.

The weekend was busy and a bit overwhelming for our two little ones.. but you’d never know it, they were so good! We really are lucky parents. I love them, even when (okay, especially when) they are silly!

Mackenzie is 4 months old!

Happy 4 months, sweet Mackenzie!

Our sweet girl is doing wonderful! She’s adapting to school very well and loves her teachers. Thankfully, they adore her too. She gets glowing reports from them and seems to really enjoy going. That makes drop-off time much easier on me. She’s still getting up 2-3 times a night to nurse and has definitely found her voice. She’s full of giggles and excited squeals!

4-Month Check-up

Mackenzie had her 4-month appointment today with Dr. Egan. She is doing great!

She weighs 15lb, 4oz (83rd percentile) and is 25 inches long (77th percentile). Dr. Egan gave us the go-ahead to start Mackenzie on solids if we want, but we’re going to wait until she’s 6 months old, which she said is also totally fine. She also told us we should really consider moving her to the crib to sleep, so we all get a better nights sleep.. but she’s staying put for now. I like having her in the room with us. I told Adam that maybe we’d move her after the holidays. Maybe.

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