On the move, very soon!

We’re still down in Inverness. We spent the day shopping for new living room furniture in Ocala for Adam’s mom, she found a really cute set, yay! We had Panera (YUM!) for lunch. I seriously think I might have a problem.. I think I’m addicted to Panera. It’s just so stinking good!

I think someone is going to be on the move SOON!


We spent most of the day today relaxing, which was a very nice change from the hectic pace we’ve had at home. Braden was an angel for Adam this morning and let me sleep in.. seriously sleep in, until almost 11AM! Ohh how I love my child :)

Adam’s mom, Aunt Debby, Marjean and Grandma Rittner spent most of the day cleaning out/organizing things at Grandma Rittner’s house. Sadly, Grandpa Rittner passed away a few weeks ago. It happened quickly and on his terms, which is good, but we all still miss him dearly. The big reason for our visit was to have his services, which I will post more about later. :)

Adam, Braden and I ran errands and prepped dinner most of the day. Adam also took Braden and I to show us where his first job was.. Taco Bell! And Braden let us know what he thought about it, he had a massive diaper blowout.. haha!

Here are some pictures from today..

Hanging out with Daddy and Uncle Justin

I’m gonna get you!!

Bagels feel GOOD on my gums!


I’m busting out of this thing..

Silly Little Boy :)

Playing with Grandma R and Ashley.. she loaned me her hat!

In Inverness

We’re down in Inverness visiting with Adam’s family – his Aunt Debby flew in from South Africa and his moms cousin Marjean flew in from Ohio. We are having a really great time hanging out with them, and Braden loved meeting his Aunt Debby and Aunt Marjean – though, I think he thought they were a little crazy too :)

His first day wore him (and Daddy) out!

Today is also Uncle Damian’s 25th Birthday.. he’s getting old! :) Happy Birthday Damian!!

Update on B

Braden had his follow-up with Dr. White this morning. She said he is doing MUCH better. His ear infection is almost completely cleared up and the wheezing is gone. He still has a bit of a rattle in his chest when he breathes though, so he has to stay on the breathing treatments. She wants us to start doing it 3 times per day (we’re doing it 4 times per day now) for a few days, then two, then one.. unless the breathing problems get worse or do not seem to get better. She said if it’s not totally gone in a week to call and she will see him again to figure out why.

I also called and made an appointment with the pediatric ENT that they recommended, Dr. Wohl (http://www.ent4kids.net). Hopefully he can get to the bottom of Braden’s ear troubles.. I hate seeing him in pain and so unhappy :(

Also – he’s up to 25 pounds and 15 ounces – and I love every adorable little fat roll! :) She also said we can go ahead and start him on table food. He’s been trying to grab food from our hands for the last few weeks, so I figured I’d ask. This should be fun :)

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