Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

We celebrated Braden’s first Halloween tonight – I wasn’t too sure about his costume (Adam picked it out), but after seeing him in it, I love it. It fits too since we call him Brady Bear :)

We pulled the firepit out and made a fire (it was a bit chilly) and grilled out hotdogs and made s’mores while we passed out candy. We had such a great time – I can definitely see us making it a tradition! :) Poor Braden was so sleepy though, he only lasted for about 10 minutes before he was out cold.

Hotdogs & S’mores – YUM!

Braden passed out in his swing!

It started drizzling.. Braden stayed dry :)

Burnt marshmallows make the best s’mores!

Check out his awesome latch ;)

I have no idea

Too much excitement for Mr. B!

Pumpkin Patch

We took Braden to his first Pumpkin Patch last night.. he seemed to enjoy it! I think it was my first Pumpkin Patch too.. I don’t recall ever going to one when I was little. I think pumpkin innards were too messy for my mom :) I’m just thankful that Adam has agreed to do the dirty part of the carving.. pumpkin innards look like they may be too messy for me too :)

We got home and it was dinnertime for Mr. B. He has this new fun trick – he likes to spit and blow bubbles. It sounds cute, right? Yeah, not so much. Especially when he’s blowing bubbles with sweet potatoes.. this was what he looked like after I attempted to feed him.. I had almost as much on me!

New Toy

Just a few pictures from today.. Braden got a new toy :)

Too Big!

It’s a good thing we bought Braden a new swing.. I put him in his old one (it’s in my office) this afternoon while I sent an email really quick.. the poor thing will barely move with him in it now and his little feet hang off the edge!

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