March Phone Dump!

Darlin’ loves her Bubba

Mackenzie isn’t exactly talking yet, she’s doing a bit of babbling, and I swear it sounds like she tries to say “brother” (which is what we call Braden when we’re talking to her) anytime B is around. It’s the cutest thing. She’s just nuts over her big brother, I love seeing the way she looks at him.

Time for a new bike..

I do believe our boy has outgrown his old one..

Saturday Randomness

Nothing to exciting to share, just some cute pictures. For the first time in a really long time, we didn’t have anything that needed to be done today, so we asked Braden what he wanted to do. His reply, like most anytime you ask him, was to play. We could definitely handle that!

We packed up and headed to our favorite weekend lunch spot, Sweet Sensations. After that, we made a quick stop at my new favorite coffee shop, Spring Park Coffee. I’m a loyal Starbucks girl, but Spring Park Coffee blows them out of the water. It’s seriously amazing. And, they have “The World’s Most Interesting Mocha”, which combines a mocha with bacon.. weird, maybe.. Delicious? Absolutely!

After that, we headed to o2bKids! and spent the rest of the afternoon there. Even Mackenzie loved it – she played in the toddler play area for well over an hour. We met up with my friend Ashly and her two boys, Tanner and Cameron. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me, so I didn’t get any pictures of the kids there. Shortly before closing, we started getting hungry, so we crossed the street to Mojo’s for dinner. SO good. They have garlic cheddar cheese grits now, and they are even more amazing than they sound!

We went home after dinner and relaxed, I played with the camera a bit, then it was time for bed. I think we need more Saturdays like this – low stress, laid back. Definitely a good day in my book.

While we were playing around, Braden decided he wanted to be a baby. I swaddled him up, put his hair up like darlin’s, and gave him a paci, then Adam pretended to rock him to sleep.

Mackenzie wasn’t too keen on sharing her paci though.

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