Aiden is Here!

Aiden Patrick (aka Turtle) is here!

My friend Jenn ave birth to a gorgeous little man yesterday!! Aiden was born at 5:28PM, he weighed 7 lbs, 6 oz and measured 19 3/4 inches. She said he’s perfect and a good sleeper already!

Congratulations Jenn & Keith!!!

Update on Aunt Louise, Jenn & Turtle

Aunt Louise’s surgery was postponed, apparently someone nicked her carotid artery while they were prepping her for surgery, she’s been on heparin so they decided to let it heal for 12 hours and try again in the morning.

The surgeon said the type of blockage she has is extremely dangerous and that when it causes a heart attack in most people its a very severe one and they do not survive. He said she’s lucky to be here now. He also said that he does not expect any problems tomorrow, that it should be a fairly straight-forward procedure and that she’ll be out of surgery by 11. Thanks to everyone who has checked in with me to see how she’s doing and all, you guys are great :)

No word on Jenn since about 3:30, hopefully Turtle has made his arrival and she’s busy being a mommy :)

Aunt Louise, Jenn & Turtle

Aunt Louise’s surgery was pushed back until 2PM, so no news yet.

I got a text from Jenn around four this morning – her water broke! Three weeks early!! She is at the hospital now, little Turtle should be here by the end of the day! I’m so excited for her and Keith.

To be honest, I’m completely terrified too. Jenn and I have gone through a lot of the pregnancy stuff together (she’s due exactly four weeks before me) and now she’s in labor and Turtle is on his way.. which means in four weeks McLovin’ could be on his way. That freaks me out! We’re ready and all, but its so surreal to think about. I know I’ve had a good bit of time to get used to the idea of actually bringing a baby home and being a mommy, but its so hard to wrap my head around until it happens.

Everyone please keep Aunt Louise and Jenn (and Turtle and Keith!) in your thoughts and prayers. It’s going to be a LONG day.

Aunt Louise

Please keep my Aunt Louise in your thoughts and prayers.

She had a heart attack Friday night and had a few mini one’s over the weekend. She’s been transported to the hospital in Tallahassee and had a heart cath this afternoon, the blockage is too big for her cardiologist to put a stint in, so she is having bypass surgery tomorrow.

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