Children Around the World Parade

Braden’s school had its annual Children Around the World parade today. He’s in the Preschool 1 class and they represented France.

And as soon as the parade was over, he had to run and check on his darlin’. I do believe I’ve been replaces as the #1 girl in his life.

And quite possibly in Adam’s too.

Where does he get it?

Sometimes Bradn does something and I just look at him and wonder where on Earth he got his sense of humor and all around goofiness.

Then I take a step back and look at the big picture.. and I know.

And I realize I’m a really lucky girl to have such amazing kids..

Even if they won’t let me take a nice picture of them ;)

Big Brother

When I was pregnant, I really worried about how Braden would adjust to live with a baby in the house. For 3 years, he has been our baby and most things in our house have revolved around him and his wants/needs.

Thankfully, he’s adjusted beautifully. I think he loves his baby sister more than any of us. She is really lucky to have such a great big brother.

2-Month Check-Up!

Mackenzie had her 2-month appointment today with Dr. Egan. She is absolutely perfect!

She weighs 12lb, 15oz (91st percentile) and is 23.25 inches long (78th percentile). The appointment itself was pretty boring. Poor kiddo got 3 shots and an oral vaccine. I’m so thankful that we found another pediatrician that we love. We’ve struggled to find someone that isn’t so far away (Dr. White, who we LOVE, is with a new practice that is over an hour from our house now) that we really trusted with our kids. We’ve met a few of the other doctors in the practice as well and have been really pleased. Makes a mama happy! :)

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