Happy Halloween!

This was the first year that we decided to take Braden trick-or-treating. To be honest, I have issues with parents who take their itty-bitty kids trick-or-treating. We all know you’re getting the candy for yourself! I just think it’s weir, but whatever. We took Braden to a few of the houses right around ours.. he wasn’t too sure about it at first, until he realized all he had to do was say “trick or treat!”.. or just look really cute.. and he’d get candy.

My parents came over to help hand out candy at our house and keep an eye on Mackenzie so that both of us could go out with Braden. He quickly decided that trick-or-treating wasn’t for him, after about 10 houses he was ready to come home and help pass out candy.

Miss Mackenzie wasn’t sure what to think of all of the costumes.

So, she just went to sleep :)

Halloween Boo-tacular!

Our good friends hosted their annual Halloween Boo-tacular party for our kiddos again this year, and it was fabulous as always. You can see their pictures from the day here.

Braden enjoyed painting a pumpkin..

And himself..

While Mackenzie napped on her daddy..

B wasn’t feeling 100% so he snuck in some daddy-cuddle time too.

After the party, we headed to The Avenue’s to trick-or-treat with some friends. Unfortunately, I’m a bad member of the mamarazzi and didn’t get a picture of the 3 adorable kiddos together! :(

Halloween Parade

Braden and Mackenzie’s school had their annual Halloween parade today! There are few things cuter than a parade full of adorable little ones dressed up in the Halloween costumes!

Except maybe this..

Happy Birthday to Me! :)

Today was my 30th birthday! You wouldn’t know it though, since we had to sing Happy Birthday to Braden instead. He LOVES birthdays and is a huge fan of the happy birthday song and blowing out candles. I’m happy to share! No big celebration today – things are a little crazy around here with me just returning to work. We’ll do something soon though :)

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