Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

We got up early (as usual) this morning and whipped up yet another Blueberry French Toast Casserole to take to Jenn & Keith’s house for their annual Halloween Party. Mr. B decided he needed to help out with it..

Once we got there, it was chaos with so many toddlers running around, but absolutely wonderful. I love getting all of the kiddo’s together, my friends all have the sweetest and most adorable children. Jenn & Keith did a wonderful job hosting and had so many yummy goodies!

Apparantely the world stops for Yo Gabba Gabba :)

By the time we left, B was completely EXHAUSTED. I don’t think we even made it to the end of the street before he fell asleep :)

School Halloween Parade

Braden’s school had its annual Halloween parade today, it was seriously one of the cutest things ever. The kids were just absolutely adorable.. especially this little lion.. ;)

I was worried that he wasn’t going to wear his costume, because I couldn’t get him to wear it at home. Mrs. Hall said he LOVED it when they put it on him though. In fact, when I was trying to get him changed into his clothes he kept trying to put it back on and running from me. :)

Fun in the Kitchen

Someone has discovered the joys of playing in the kitchen drawers.. yesterday it was aluminum foil, today.. wax paper. It’s amazing how easily he is amused sometimes :)

Fall Pictures

We spent the afternoon at Alpine Groves Park with Shannon Curry of Shannon Curry Photography. She does these great mini-sessions every month and they are absolutely FREE! All you pay for is the cost of the prints. B was not in the mood to have his picture taken, but she still got some super cute shots :)

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