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Sick Little Girl & Diamond D Ranch Field Trip

Hello, hello!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Ours was.. well, it wasn’t wonderful but it wasn’t awful.  Mackenzie has been sick since last weekend – we took her to the pediatrician twice during the week but she wasn’t getting any better.  When we were there Thursday, her doctor told us that if she still had a fever Saturday morning to bring her in again, so we


Mackenzie is TWO!

I am so, so late on this.  Total mommy fail.

To be honest, I was overwhelmed with the number of pictures that I took at the party.. the thought of going through them, narrowing it down to what I should post, editing, writing about it.  Totally overwhelming.

Good news is I finally did it so you can see the ridiculous amount of cuteness that happened.  We went to a birthday party at MyGym back in



For the last few days, Mackenzie has had a strange cough. She doesn’t sound congested and it isn’t in her chest, but she sounds like she is barking when she coughs. She spiked a fever last night and has had a rough time sleeping the last two nights, so I kept her home from school and made an appointment to see the pediatrician.

Usually when we’re home, she is into everything


18-month Check Up!

We’re going to call this a total mommy fail. I lost the paper with the stats from Mackenzie’s 18-month check up. Oops. I seriously need to get this office organized.. I’ll add it to the mile long to-do list!

Anyway, the good news is that our sweet girl is absolutely perfect! As if we didn’t already know She was right around 25 pounds and is hitting or exceeding all of her


Another Ear Infection for Mackenzie?

My girl has had a rough few days.  She’s still congested, has a really junky sounding cough, isn’t sleeping well (yawn!!), and just isn’t her normal, happy self.  Typically our doctor likes to see her for a 2-week follow-up after an ear infection to make sure that the infection is totally cleared.  Since she wasn’t seen at our normal practice, that wasn’t scheduled


Another Monday Morning at Carither’s

I swear it’s not Monday around here unless we’re at the pediatrician’s office with one of the kids.

This week, it’s Mackenzie.  She’s fussy, clingy, not sleeping, cranky, snotty.. all clear signs of an ear infection.  We took her in to have it checked out, we don’t play around with ear infections after all of the issues Braden had.

Thankfully, my mommy instict


Sick Days

Both kids are sick.

Do you know how exhausting it is taking care of two sick kids?  Especially when your husband has a crazy busy week at work and can’t take off?  And you have work stuff that HAS to get done?

Trust me, it’s exhausting.

I picked Braden up from school early last Thursday for an ENT appointment.  Dr. Wohl was a bit confused because their hearing test showed that he had


Braden’s Ears, Round 45,647,456 (and counting)

We haven’t dealt with ear issues with Braden for a while.. his 2nd set of tubes fell out before he turned 3 and it has been smooth sailing. Until last night. B was up most of the night crying because his ear hurt, we gave him Motrin and had him sleeping with a heating pad under his ear, but it didn’t help.

We got up this morning and were off to the pediatrician. While we were in the waiting


Mackenzie’s 9 month appointment.

Nothing too exciting.  She’s right on track, growing like a weed, hitting or exceeding all of her developmental milestones.  She had the first autism screening today and there were zero concerns.   Our little peanut weighs 20 pounds even, is 29 inches tall, and has a head circumference of 18.31 cm.  She’s in the 70th percentile for weight and 90th for height.. and 98th for head size.  Someone has a big head like her daddy.

6-Month Check Up!

Mackenzie’s 6-month check up was a bit late because her pediatrician has been out of town. Good news though, she is doing great! She’s hitting or surpassing all of her developmental milestones and is growing like a weed! She is 17lb, 2oz and 26.5 inches long.

I asked Dr. Egan if we need to be worried that she has no interest at all in baby food and she said not at all. We can try cereal, which might help her sleep more at night, but from a medical standpoint it is totally normal. Looks like Miss Mackenzie is staying on a mama milk diet for a while longer

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