One Year of Wedded Bliss

it’s been a year since i married the man of my dreams, and i’m even happier now than i was then! marriage is a wonderful thing, i love being married to my best friend!

we spent saturday night at club continental, where we were married. we were lucky enough to stay in the same room that we did on our wedding night. we got all dressed up and went to dinner at bistro aix (fabulous strawberry mojito’s, in case you were wondering) and then spent some quality time together :) we had the top of our wedding cake on sunday – surprisingly, it tasted really good! unfortunately though, I couldn’t stomach more than a bite, the caterer’s forgot to remove the flowers from the top of the cake.. this is what year-old, frozen, then defrosted roses look like..

our yummy cake!

happy anniversary to us!

Happy Birthday Lisa!

‘spic lisa’s birthday was actually on the 18th, but we surprised her and celebrated on friday night out at the beaches. we all met for dinner at tento, then headed over to fionn mccool’s and the ritz (carter wasn’t with us, so we were actually allowed in both places!). we ended up at the atlantic.. the girls had a blast dancing while the guys sat around and watched.. they need lots of alcohol to shake their booties with us.


happy birthday!

the girls at dinner

Relaxing by the Pool

how cute is this – buddy & sammy spent their easter relaxing by the pool at grandma and grandpa merkison’s house. i swear we have the cutest dogs ever.

spoiled pups

G.R.E.A.T Day at the Dog Park

G.R.E.A.T. (golden retriever emergency assistance team) rescue held the 4th annual golden fest at dogwood dog park this saturday. we adopted sammy through G.R.E.A.T last summer and this is a wonderful fundraiser for them, so we took the boys. to say they loved it would be the understatement of the year.

they swam, they ran, they fetched.. and they laid around in the pool. at the end of the day they were extremely tired and extremely dirty! poor sammy was SO sore that he could barely stand up the next day. they slept like babies the entire car ride home, and most of the next day.

if you’re looking for a golden – call G.R.E.A.T. they’re wonderful people and do amazing things for their dogs.

budman relaxing in the pool

sammy bear in the pool

“it throws the ball..”


two pooped pups

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