Watching Rudolph

We worked on the tree today.. and Braden got to watch Mommy’s favorite Christmas movie for the first time!

He doesn’t look too excited, but I swear he loved it! :) How cute are these PJ’s?? Granny Gloria got them for him.. I love his little reindeer butt! (And, this is reason number 34,353,646 why I love breastfeeding – I can sleep and feed him at the same time!)

Sore Loser?

Today was Mr. B’s first Florida/Florida State game..

“What do you mean the ‘Noles are losing??”

“They can’t lose!”

“Get away Buddy – my boys lost!!!”


My First Thanksgiving
by Mr. B

I’m not sure what this Thanksgiving thing is, but today was a lot of fun. Well, most of it anyway. We got up and had a little snack then hit the road.. it was a long ride. We turned down this road and I was sure that Mommy was lost.

She wasn’t though, just a few minutes later this is what I saw.

That can only mean one thing – Aunt Louise’s house! Now, I can tell you from personal experience (via Mom, of course) that eating there is the best. It is so yummy. I was really happy to see Mommy eat a lot because that means I get it too and it smelled so good.

John was there and we played together a lot, I really like him, he’s my buddy.

Kate was there too, but she didn’t like me much. I think it was all of the slobber.. oops! Oh well, she still let me swing with her!

After lunch, all of the guys were sleepy.

Then we went to visit some more family for dinner and Papa let me wear his hat.

I think I need one.

The End!

5 Months!

Happy 5 Months Mr. B!

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