Tough Day

Someone had a tough day at school and had to put his feet up and relax with the Disney Channel when he got home :)

Splash Park

Mr. B is an early bird.. a really early bird. He generally wakes up between 5 and 6AM.. usually closer to 5. If you know me at all, you know that I am NOT a morning person.. not even a little bit. It’s hard not to be excited about getting out of bed when this is who you get to hang out with though :)

Once we were all up and ready to go, we headed back to the Splash Park for a bit.. to say that B loves it would be a huge understatement!


One of the things that I absolutely love about where we live is the great sense of community. Our neighborhood is really great, we love it. We were thrilled a few years ago when we found out that they were building a splash park.. yep.. thrilled.. and yet, we’d never been.. and it’s been there for probably 2 years. Okay, over 2 years. :)

We finally decided to take a trip up there with one of my girlfriends and her two adorable neices and had a fabulous time.. Braden LOVED it. He’s SUCH a little water baby! Daddy seemed to have fun on the toddler slide too!

There is also a nice little snack shack there, so we decided to stay and have lunch.. B’s grilled cheese came with Oreo’s, which he LOVES!

Twisting the Oreo apart..

Here Daddy, you can have the side with no icing!

So much like his Daddy!

Cupcake, Cupcake!

I ran by Publix this afternoon to pick up a few things for a get together I’m having tomorrow night with my girlfriends.. and Braden insisted that he NEEDED cupcakes. He kept saying “cupcake! cupcake! cupcake!” over and over until I finally went back to the bakery and put them in our cart. He’s not the least bit spoiled.. promise!

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