New Back Porch

Our porch is DONE!! Yay!!

Before (kinda)



We love it – the contractor (Barker Construction) did a wonderful job. We’re hoping to get it screened in SOON. It’s so nice to be able to sit outside and have some shade – the fans definitely help with the heat too – I’m seeing us getting a LOT more use out of the hammock now!! Bud & Sam love the new floodlights too – they light up the entire backyard! Yay!!!

Sammy and his Leg

Sammy’s surgery on his right leg is scheduled for Tuesday, July 3rd. He’s having something called Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO). Basically, they’re cutting off part of his tibia (shin bone), shifting it, and reattaching it with a metal plate.


His recovery time will be about 4-6 months, then he’ll be good as new. He needs the surgery on his left leg too, but the vet wants us to wait until the right one heals first.

My poor kiddo :(

Happy Birthday Russ!

Happy 31st Birthday Russ! We all went to dinner at Clark’s (YUM!!) and then over to Harmonious Monk’s to celebrate. Luckily the boys behaved and didn’t pee on anything in the parking lot this time!!

Happy Birthday Russ!

Before Adam drank the BIG BEER

After Adam drank the big beer ;)

We’re shocking!

Sammy is Going Under

It’s official – Sammy needs surgery :(

He tore his ACL, which I’ve been told is pretty common in larger breeds. We have an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon on the 11th to determine what type of surgery will work best for Sambo. They told us he’ll be down for about 12 weeks.. no playing, swimming, running.. he can only go outside on a leash :(

This should be very interesting..

Sweet Sammy

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