Valentine’s Play Date

Unfortunately, I have to work this weekend. I hate when I have to work weekends, but I’m thankful to have a job that I enjoy, so I will try not to complain too much :)

I took a little break to head over to my friend Kimberly’s house so B could play with his little buddies and I could catch up with their mommies. Kimberly set up a really cute craft for them to do – Valentine’s Shakers. The kids all seemed to enjoy it. Although, B didn’t quite get the point of the paintbrush, instead he painted his hands with it and used his hand to paint the plate.. eh, whatever works!

Kimberly & Jack
Harper & Kenley

We finished up and let the kiddos run around and play for a bit. I love getting together and watching them all play.

When we left Kimberly’s, it was nearly dinner time, so we headed home to pick up Adam and my parents then went to Five Guys, and for a quick train ride around the mall. B loves his trains!

Happy Birthday Damian!

Today was my little brother’s 26th birthday, after work we headed to Kan Ki for dinner where Mr. B devoured his fried rice. It’s one of the few foods that he really loves (along with bananas, mandarin oranges and cheese).

We headed back to our house for cake and ice cream.. please ignore the “1″ candles, we totally forgot to get them and it was either that, or the “33″ from Adam’s last birthday.. so #1 it was :)

B helped Uncle D blow out his candles..

Then convinced him to spin him around and around.. over and over..

And begged for more when Uncle D stopped :)

Bath Time!

I’ve been posting pictures on facebook (if I don’t update the blog enough for you, go there for pictures, I post from my phone fairly often) of B in the bathtub with crazy colored water – one in particular with yellow water. Rest assured that we do not let our son bathe in water that he has peed in! It’s Crayola color tablets, and B is a huge fan. I love the water when he tosses the blue ones in, makes me want to go diving!

It’s kind of hard to get a good picture in his bathroom, the tub is in a really small area and the lens I was shooting with is not at all forgiving. I tried though :) B seriously loves bath time. Sometimes we can’t get his clothes off quick enough, he tries to climb in the tub with them on. :)

Bud’s New Bed

Someone decided that Mr. B’s tent is a nice place to sleep..

BUSTED Buddy!! :)

I had my first Fraxel treatment on Friday, the 22nd. It’s healing kind of weird, not quite what I expected. Basically they take this laser and it makes little holes in your skin, then new skin grows as it heals.. they repeat the process 5-6 times and the scar should be barely visible. I’m going to link the picture, since I’m sure not all of you want to see my funky Fraxel-ed scar :) It’s here.

When I went in to have the treatment done, they biopsied yet another spot under my arm. Fingers crossed that it comes back normal and I can put all of this mess behind me.

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