How’s it Going?

This is from the 3D pregnancy site.. its pretty much the story of my life these days!

How are you sleeping at night? You probably sleep less soundly than you did before you were pregnant. This is normal but that is of not much use to you. Due to your tiny bladder, your calf cramps, the kicks to the ribs and your belly that gets in the way, it is difficult to stay asleep throughout the entire night. You can usually get to sleep if you have found a comfortable position with all the pillows arranged around you, but sleeping through the night.. forget it! Lying on your back doesn’t work at all and turning is no pleasure either. Moreover, you sleep so lightly that anything will wake you up. Once you are awake it will take hours for you to doze off again – at least that’s how it feels to you.

A kick in your bladder and you have to go to the bathroom again; it feels like your bladder is filling up all the time. And then it’s hard to relax and go back to sleep. Do you frequently have weird, scary dreams also? (YES!) More than usual? It’s all part of the process. Unconsciously, you worry about how it will all go. Can you bring up a child and look after him, how will the expectant dad do and how will the dogs react? Will trying to combine work and taking care of the baby be too much for you? You are confronted with worries and small problems, things that don’t bother you at all during the day seem like huge obstacles at night.

Baby Update: 29 Weeks

29-Week Update:

Your baby now weighs about 2 3/4 pounds and is just over 15 inches long. Your baby is rapidly growing at this point. Obviously your baby is continuing to gain weight, and his head is also growing. This is due to the rapid brain development that began in week 28. Muscles and lungs are also continuing to develop and mature.

Because there is so much development and maturing going on, it is incredibly important to ensure that you are getting plenty of nutrients and rest. Make sure that you are getting adequate amounts of protein, vitamin C, folic acid, iron, and calcium.

Baby Update: 28 Week Appointment

I had my 28-week check up this morning with Dr. Connor and it went great. I gained 2 pounds since my last appointment and I’m measuring right on track. I really liked Dr. Connor – he may be my favorite of the group so far.

Our little guy still hates the doppler – the first nurse was new and was having a hard time getting his heart rate (he was moving a lot). She saw a few big kicks that moved my entire belly and she jumped.. it was pretty funny! After about 5 minutes of looking (and a lot of not-so-comfortable kicks!) she went and got help and thankfully the new nurse found it right away.

I’m now going every 3 weeks.. that means the end is near, huh?? Yikes! :)

New Camera

Just a warning – we got a new camera (Canon Rebel XTi) and Adam and I both like to take pictures.. and Buddy and Sammy are our only models for now.. so expect to see a lot more of these :) I played with them a bit in Photo Shop.. I still have a lot to learn though.




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