May Phone Dump!

Look who has a new trick!

Miss Mackenzie can stand all on her own!


Darlin’ loves her doggies!

Just like her big brother, this child has no fear.



Little Playmates

No, not the Playboy kind! Get your mind out of the gutter! Mackenzie is finally getting old enough so that she and Braden can play together and it is seriously adorable. He pulls toys out of they play room and they’ll sit and play together for a few minutes, until one of them gets distracted. He’s such a wonderful big brother. He’s patient with Mackenzie and so loving. She’s lucky to have him as her big brother.

Try not to be too jealous though, shortly after I took these pictures I got the old “Moooom, look what Darlin’ is doing!!” that means playing nice time is over.

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