Back to Work

Adam went back to work today, so it was my first day with Braden on my own. It went well, I’m exhausted though. Most of my day was spent on the couch nursing him, I didn’t realize how much time that takes!

Braden had a follow-up with his pediatrician today too to check his weight, he’s up to 9lb, 4oz. She said we’re doing great, and his jaundice is almost 100% gone!

Sorry there are no pictures – I’m just glad we both survived! :)

Snuggly Boy

Nothing too exciting with us today. Adam ran errands while Braden and I hung out at the house and relaxed.

Napping with Mommy

Zonked out in my Pack-N-Play

No more pictures!

Meeting Uncle Allen

We spent today recuperating from yesterday – we were all worn out.

Cutest Baby Ever!

Uncle Allen came by to visit for a bit, it’s so strange seeing Allen holding a baby, he was a pro though :)

Visiting with Uncle Allen

Braden went to dinner for the first time today too, at Box Seats. We had dinner with my parents, my brother, Granny Gloria, my cousins and a friend of Damian’s, Nick. Braden slept through the entire thing.

Visiting with Grandma Levenia, Great Granny Gloria and cousins before dinner

Dinner at Box Seats

Big Day for a Little Boy

Yet another big day for our little man! He had his first pediatrician appointment this morning. We are REALLY pleased with the pediatrician, she’s great. She said Braden is perfect – but we already knew that :) He’s back up to 9lb, she said by 2 weeks he should be back to his birth weight.

Curled up in Mommy’s lap

We also went to see a Lactation Consultant that Heather recommended today. I’m having a LOT of pain from breastfeeding. The LC (Kristin) showed me a few things that I didn’t have quite right when latching Braden on, so hopefully that will help with the pain.

Braden’s Great Grandpa Black came to visit too, along with Mrs. Ann. They ended up having to go WAY out of their way to get here, but I’m so glad that they did, I’m so happy that Braden got to meet them both so soon! It will be a while before we can get to Bainbridge probably, so I’m thankful they were able to come here.

Mrs. Ann, Papa Black and Braden

We had dinner with Granny Gloria and my cousins at my parents house – we didn’t stay too long though, I was really tired (no nap today) and horomonal, which means I’m absolutely no fun at all.

Grandma Ruth left this afternoon too, she and Braden were both super sad. Adam and I too – she was a big help around the house.

Grandma Ruth and Braden

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