This is what happens when you leave Braden alone in his playroom for more than 30 seconds at a time.. :)


This is a story about a little boy and his love for popsicles. Okay, that was pretty much the story. Braden has had a little cold sore on his tongue for the last few days, so he’s been eating a lot of popsicles, and he is definitely a fan! So much that he sits nicely and grins for the camera when he gets one..

Then he really grins when I ask if he wants one more (they are actually fruit pops, and I cut them in half, so getting another really means finishing the first one.. sneaky!).

And then, he licks the table clean, so he doesn’t miss out on one little drop of the strawberry goodness :)

Sick Day

Braden was home sick today.. we spent a lot of the day sitting at the coffee table coloring, watching movies and playing with cars. Makes me wish I could be home with him all the time :(

Adam’s Birthday Weekend Extravaganza: Day 3

Welcome to Day Three of “Adam’s Birthday Weekend Extravaganza”.. I hope Adam is taking notes about how great his birthday weekend is.. since mine is in just a few short months ;)

Braden spent the night with Grandma and Pa last night so that Adam and I could go to the movies and sleep in this morning. We got up and headed out to the town center and went to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. It was delicious! We finished up there and went to pick up new bedding for Braden’s big boy room (pictures soon!!), then headed back to pick up our little guy and off to what was supposed to be a surprise birthday dinner with our friends. Unfortunately Adam had my phone when his best friend texted me back saying he was in and he’d see me there, and I’m not good at quickly coming up with excuses, so I told him. Oh well, he was surprised when I told him!

We all met at Mojo’s (one of Adam’s favorites) for dinner. I didn’t think to get a picture of the group, but did snap this one of Braden and Benjamin enjoying Shrek while they waited for their mac & cheese. Such cute kids! :)

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