April Phone Dump!

A t-shirt, crocs, and underwear.

That is Braden’s outfit of choice, even when playing in the yard.  Such a silly boy.

Darlin’ loves watching her brother playing outside. Soon, she’ll be out there with him. Craziness!

For now, she’s happy to hang out with mama on the porch.

Baby Hudson is coming!

My cousin Drew and his wife Amanda are expecting their first baby, Hudson Gregory! We are absolutely thrilled for them and cannot wait to meet this little guy! My family hosted a shower for little Hudson today in Bainbridge.  Daryl and Celia were kind enough to let us use their new home.  It’s seriously gorgeous and was Celia’s grandmothers house. It’s in the historic part of Downtown Bainbridge and is just amazing.

The shower was lovely and Baby Hudson received so many gorgeous itty-bitty baby things!  Amanda looks amazing, as usual.  She’s tiny to begin with and has the perfect little baby bump. So cute!

My cousin Karen (www.karencakes.org) made the cake. It was delicious. And I’m not just saying that because she is my cousin. If you’re in the area and you need a cake, definitely call her.

I love my babies..

Even when they don’t want their pictures taken.. I’m looking at you, Braden :)

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