It’s official – we have a heartbeat!! We had our first prenatal ultrasound this morning and our sweet little baby was wiggling around and had a good, strong heartbeat!!

6 weeks

For those of you unsure of exactly what you’re looking at.. the black circle in the middle is my uterus. The baby is the white blob over in the left corner of it.

Breakfast at Cape May Cafe

We got up this morning and headed over to the Cape May Cafe in the Beach Club resort for a farewell breakfast with some of B’s favorite characters before heading home. It was delicious and Braden loved it. Definitely a nice end to our trip – we can’t wait to go back!!

Hollywood Studios & Magic Kingdom

We started our last full day at Disney at Hollywood Studios. We really wanted to take Braden on the Toy Story ride and they were all out of fast passes last night and there was no way we were standing in line for nearly two hours! We got there when the gates opened for the extra magic hours (for resort guests) and Adam made a bee-line for the fast pass machine while B and I made some new friends.

He absolutely adores Minnie Mouse, it’s the cutest thing ever.. she even gave him his first kiss this morning. I wish I had it on video, the little dance he did afterward was absolutely adorable.

We had a few hours until we had to return to the Toy Story ride, so we wandered around a bit and found the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground, which Braden LOVED!

And then we wandered around a bit and stumbled upon Mater..

We decided to head back over to the area where the Toy Story ride was and ended up in line to meet Woody and Buzz. They had these really cute photo ops set up while you were in line to keep the kiddo’s entertained. We were in line for about an hour, but the time seemed to pass quickly.

When it was finally our turn, I seriously thought B was going to pee in his pants, until we actually walked up to them. I think he realized how big they were and kind of freaked, so he hung back a bit, but was still SO excited!

After meeting Woody and Buzz, we headed over to turn in our fast passes and bypassed the 2 hour line to get on the Toy Story ride. Fast passes are just wonderful.. the 3D glasses however.. not so much. B enjoyed it though :)

After the ride, we headed over to Hollywood & Vine for lunch. It was okay – Braden really liked seeing the characters and they kept him entertained while we ate. The food was okay, but nothing too exciting :)

Once we finished eating, we went back to the Playhouse Disney area and found the lovely air-conditioned area where they had several characters with super short lines, so we visited with Mickey and the Incredibles.

B was getting sleepy, so we headed to the car and let him nap again, then made our way back to the Magic Kingdom.

B usually wakes up hungry, so he was ready for a snack.. or three. He had most of my pineapple float (YUM!), some pop corn and Mickey Mouse ice cream.. such a little piggy!

We finished up our snacks and met up with some of Adam’s family, then went to watch the Country Bear Jamboree (Adam insisted, B and I were not fans). We wandered around a bit and went on the carousel and tea cups again.. Braden LOVED the tea cups!!

It was getting close to time for the Wishes fireworks show and Main Street Electrical parade, but B insisted on riding Dumbo again. So B and I got in line for Dumbo and Adam went and got us really great seats for the parade and show.

Braden was pretty much exhausted by this time, but he really enjoyed the parade.

Once it was over, he wanted out of the stroller so I popped him back in his carrier and we watched the show all snuggled up. He passed out literally 2 seconds after the show ended.

Animal Kingdom & Hollywood Studios

We started off today at Animal Kingdom, and Mickey and Minnie Mouse were there to welcome us!

I had high hopes since Braden is such a freak about animals, but was a bit let down. We see more animals at our local zoo :( He did enjoy the safari and Dinoland USA, and the Nemo show was really, really great. Once we finished the safari (our first stop), we headed over to the trails to check out the animals – B loved the fish!

Then we made our way back to Dinoland USA and to watch the Nemo show. B really liked the dinosaur ride!

Lunch was delicious too – we had lunch at the Tusker House and you should definitely stop in when you’re at Animal Kingdom, their food was wonderful.

After lunch, we made our way back to the Lion King show but it had just started and the doors were already shut, but we got really lucky and most of the characters were out and the lines were super short!

Next we hopped on a train to visit Rafiki’s Island and Petting Zoo. B loves the petting zoo at our local zoo, and this one was pretty much the same.

After that, we decided it was time to head out so B could catch a nap before finishing the rest of our day at Hollywood Studios. B passed out as soon as we got him in his car seat, so we went and parked at Hollywood Studios and let him sleep (for over 2 hours!) and we relaxed in the car.. okay technically I slept too and Adam watched a movie on his phone :)

When B woke up, we headed into the park and spent most of our time in the Playhouse Disney area. They have a lot of stuff geared towards pre-schoolers, so it was really great for B. We finished there and went off in search of Pizza Planet for dinner, which B totally flipped over.. pizza, Buzz and an arcade? It’s like the motherland for little boys!

On our way back out, we happened upon this fantastic light display. The tram driver had briefly mentioned it on our way in, but we weren’t sure exactly what it is. It was incredible – every surface of the buildings were covered in Christmas lights that were synched to Christmas carols.. and there was snow! Braden LOVED it!! He kept trying to catch the snowflakes in his mouth :)

We had a bit of a crazy tram ride on the way out.. I think Adam and B were scared..

When we made it back to the resort, we stopped in the gift shop to pick up shirts for the next day and to get milk for Braden.. who had a serious case of the giggles. I really wish I had this on video.. he couldn’t stop laughing.. it was the cutest thing ever!

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