Braden & Marissa

Braden spends a lot of his day hanging out with his nanny’s little girl Marissa.. how cute are they :)

Braden & Marissa

Fun in the Exersaucer

More fun in the exersaucer! Braden is really starting to pay attention to the toys in it and interact with them, I love watching his little feet kick when he gets all excited!

And we all know how OCD Buddy is about playing fetch.. he has started giving Braden his toys and trying to get him to throw it for him.. silly dog :)

A New Friend

I took Braden to meet Rylee today. Rylee’s daddy and I lived across the street from each other for years out in Lake Asbury. We had a great visit with Mrs. Barbara and Rylee’s mommy Laura. You can tell Braden had a busy day yesterday though, poor kiddo is so sleepy! He’s been napping ever since we got back a few hours ago!

First Solids!

It was a big day for our little guy – we started him on solids tonight! Although, I don’t know if puree’s really count as solids..

Daddy strapping me into my highchair

Mmmm sweet potatoes!

Get me out of this thing!!

First bite!

Hmm.. I might like this.

Seriously, stop taking pictures and feed me!

Daddy’s turn..

I’m over the sweet potatoes!

We only made a little bit of a mess.. good thing you can’t see mommy’s shirt and hair..

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