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Horray! It’s Christmas Day!

2014 12 25 Christmas

Orrr you know, two weeks after Christmas.  Same difference

Christmas morning is quite possibly my most favorite morning of the year.  Seeing the look on my kiddos faces when they wake me up is the stuff I dreamed about when I was younger and thought about what my kids would be like.  This year, they were kind and let us sleep in ’til about 7AM.  Kenz crawled in bed with us (like she does


Twenty Days

That’s how long it’s been since I’ve written a blog post — oops!

Forgive me?

Okay, good.

I won’t bore you and list out all of the reasons it’s been so long (you know, running a marathon, then a half 6 days later, work being insane, a sick kid, another kid out of school, birthday parties, weddings, family visiting, holiday parties).. okay, maybe I will.

Anyway, I have


Happy Friday!

I actually started writing this post last Friday and never finished it.. Braden has been out of school and we’ve been so busy.  I’m loving the extra time with Adam and the kiddo’s!  We’re running out the door in just a bit to see Frozen, so here’s a quick run down of what we’ve been up to..

I’ve been sewing some!  A friend of mine found this cute running


Trimming the Tree

Let’s rewind again, to the Friday after Thanksgiving, the day before we left for Cocoa Beach for the Space Coast Marathon.

Every year on the day after Thanksgiving, we pull out all of our Christmas decorations and watch Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer while we decorate the tree and house to get ready for the Christmas season.

It is, quite possibly, one of my favorite days of the year.  I love


Christmas in Georgia

We’re were to Georgia today to celebrate Christmas with my extended family. I know we’re a week late, but there are so many of us that it just works out better for everyone if we do it the Sunday after Christmas.

Bainbridge, the town where most of my family lives is about 3 and a half hours from here. Mackenzie was really fussy in the car on the way, which is really not like her. When


Merry Christmas!

So, you’re probably wondering why this is showing up now.. in March.. three months after Christmas.  I randomly found it hanging out in my drafts folder and realized I never posted it.  Oops!

So, enjoy a little bit of Christmas in March courtesy of my mommy brain!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve!

We had a wonderful, relaxing day!  We made gingerbread cookies..

And Braden made Grandma Ruth his famous “Snack Salad”.  If you are at our house and Braden offers this delicacy to you, I suggest that you tell him you’re stuffed.  It’s interesting.. it’s a combination of Chobani Greek Yogurt, a Dora Yoplait, a cheese stick, and goldfish.  He thinks


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