Braden is Home!!

Braden came home today! We ended up sitting around the hospital FOREVER waiting. I was discharged around 8AM but we had to wait for Braden to have another hearing test (he passed), to get his PKU shot and Hepatitis B vaccine and for the neonatologist to discharge him. He was 8lb, 15oz when they discharged him (its normal for breastfed babies to lose up to 10% of their body weight).

Apparantely that had been done for about an hour and the nurse was waiting on us to ask her to take us out (because I had to go in a wheelchair), but we had no clue – so we were just sitting in the room wondering what was taking so long.

Braden waiting on his ride

First car ride!

Braden’s first meeting with the boys went well. They really do not seem interested in him at all, I guess it could be worse.

Meeting the Boys

We got home and my parents offered to make us dinner – they made spaghetti, it was SO good after having nothing but hospital food (blah!) and takeout for the last few days. There’s a lot to be said for a good, home cooked meal.

His first night home was much better than the hospital too, its so much easier to breastfeed and take care of him here than it was in the hospital.

settling in at home

Still at the Hospital

We’re still in the hospital, Dr. Paulk told us yesterday that we may be able to go home this afternoon, but Dr. Greenhaw said no this morning.. so we’re settled in for another night.

Braden was circumcised this morning, Dr. Greenhaw did it. He was not a happy camper (really, who would be??). Just remember, that was Daddy’s decision! ;)

sleepy boy

snuggle bug

wide awake

Our Little Guy

More pictures from Braden’s birthday..

cutting the umbilical cord

healthy set of lungs!!

our little family

with my fabulous doula, Heather

brand new!

9 pounds, 9 ounces


Grandma and Braden

Grandpa, Braden & Uncle D

Grandma Ruth & Braden

my sweet boy

there’s always a little sour with the sweet

He’s Here!!

Braden Robert is here!!

We welcomed our adorable little man at 5:16AM on June 23rd after a very quick labor. He weighs 9 pounds, 9 ounces and is 22 inches long. Adam and I both are absolutely in love. He’s perfect, I can’t stop staring at him! I’ll post more pictures and his full birth story later, for now I’m off to feed him!

Meet Braden

Mommy & Braden

Daddy & Braden

Perfect Baby Boy

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