Christmas in Georgia

We’re were to Georgia today to celebrate Christmas with my extended family. I know we’re a week late, but there are so many of us that it just works out better for everyone if we do it the Sunday after Christmas.

Bainbridge, the town where most of my family lives is about 3 and a half hours from here. Mackenzie was really fussy in the car on the way, which is really not like her. When we stopped to get gas, I noticed that she had some green goo coming out of her eye, which usually means her ears are infected. We stopped at an urgent care clinic in Tallahassee to get them checked because there is nowhere in Bainbridge to go other than the emergency room. The doctor there was absolutely wonderful and so sweet, they got Mackenzie in quickly and were so gentle with her.

Mackenzie has a double ear infection, conjunctivitis, and bronchitis. They gave us a prescription, but it was going to take an hour to be filled and it was nearly dinner time, so we drove on to Bainbridge. We planned to drop the prescription off to be filled, go eat with my aunt, then come back to pick it up. I forgot that being a small town, they don’t have a 24-hour pharmacy. Walgreens, CVS, and the 2 local pharmacies were closed by the time we got to town, so we rushed to Wal-Mart.

Such a trooper!

I got there at 6:40 and was so thankful that the pharmacy didn’t close until 7. The pharmacy tech at the counter told me I couldn’t pick up the prescription until the morning because that part of the pharmacy was closed. I told her I had a really sick baby and asked if she could please ask the pharmacist to fill it since the sign said they don’t close for 20 minutes. She asked and the pharmacist on duty, Wayne, wouldn’t even come out from behind the glass. He just laughed and said no, come back tomorrow. I asked again and was like please, I’m from out of town, my kid is miserable and screaming. Is there any other pharmacy and she said no but I can take it and have it ready in the morning.

I was ticked and loudly, so the pharmacist could hear me, said “thanks for nothing, I guess I’ll drive all the way to Tallahassee with my sick baby to have this filled” and went straight to the store manager. She apologized profusely but said its a separate entity so she couldn’t do anything. She said the guy there was the pharmacy manager and gave me his name and the number to call to complain, and I certainly intend to do so.

Meanwhile, two of my aunts were calling around town and got one of the local pharmacists to come in and open his store just to fill Mackenzie’s prescription. He left his house, where he was having dinner with his family, and he was SO nice about it. He took his time and was just so kind and you could tell he really cares about his customers. Totally different experience than what I had at Wal-Mart. I went from being a stressed and frustrated mama to a very happy and thankful one. I owe Mr. Brock of Rx Drug Center a HUGE thank you.

Braden’s Ears, Round 45,647,456 (and counting)

We haven’t dealt with ear issues with Braden for a while.. his 2nd set of tubes fell out before he turned 3 and it has been smooth sailing. Until last night. B was up most of the night crying because his ear hurt, we gave him Motrin and had him sleeping with a heating pad under his ear, but it didn’t help.

We got up this morning and were off to the pediatrician. While we were in the waiting room, something happened with his ear and this stuff started bubbling out of his ear. I’ve never seen anything like it, it was not pretty. The pediatrician tried to clear most of it out so she could look in his ear, but there was too much.

She said it looks like his ear was clear and this was just a bad case of swimmers ear, but she couldn’t be 100% sure. She put B on oral antibiotics and antibiotic ear drops. Hopefully it clears up quickly so it doesn’t ruin the big birthday weekend we have planned for Braden!

Adam and I took the day off to hang out with him since we were up most of the night and exhausted, so after the appointment we went over to the town center and treated B to a milkshake and lunch. I almost forgot how easy it is to be out with just one kid! He was so excited to have us both all to himself, it was so sweet!

He picked out the Superman ice cream, which is a swirl of several bright colors, but when blended together makes the Incredible Hulk shake.. or so I’ve learned. Whatever it takes to keep our boy smiling!

Ear Infection, Round 2

Last night was not fun, at all. I was sitting in bed snuggling with Mackenzie and she made a weird noise, the next thing I knew, she projectile vomited all over herself, me, the bed, and the floor. It’s amazing how much stuff can come out of such a little person. Adam got everything cleaned up while Mackenzie and I hopped in the shower. She scared me in there because he started shaking, in guessing she was cold or scared. I’m not sure, I turned up the heat on the water and she snuggled onto my chest and fell asleep. We put clean jammies on her and I sat up and rocked her for about an hour I make sure she was alright, then put her to bed.

Three hours later, same thing happened again. Poor kiddo just wanted to nurse but couldn’t keep anything down. She got up around 7 and tried to eat, I thought it might stay down.. Nope, she threw up all over the clean clothes hanging on the bottom shelf in my closet while I was in there picking out what to wear.

I called the pediatrician. Usually they just tell you to keep them hydrated and you don’t have to go in, but since she is so little, not keeping anything down, and it’s a holiday weekend, they had me bring her in. She was so sad and sleepy all morning while we got ready. She just wanted to sit and snuggle and was so out of it. Totally not like her, she is usually so happy and such a wiggle worm.

We got to the doctors office and her temp was 100.0 but she was all smile and giggles for the nurse, despite the fact that she hadn’t really eaten since the night before.

When Dr. Shaw came in she went back to fussy, clingy, and unhappy. Poor thing has an ear infection and a stomach bug. She put her on a stronger antibiotic and told us to give pedialyte for her next two meals, then to try nursing again.

Umm yeah, Mackenzie was not having that. She refused the bottle. We got home and I let her nurse a bit, then waited a half hour to make sure it didn’t come back up. Repeated that for the next few hours and thankfully she kept the milk and her meds down. Hopefully she is feeling better tomorrow so we don’t have to cancel our trip to Bainbridge to celebrate Christmas with my family. I hate that she isn’t feeling well

Sick, again.

Braden is a sick little guy.


He woke up this morning and his eye was a little red. I noticed it when I was changing his diaper, but I figured he just scratched it, since it didn’t seem to be bothering him. He was a little fussy too, but he’s like that in the morning, so we got ready and headed off to school.

Mrs. N told me that Mrs. P had been out with pink eye and that Braden may have caught it from her. She didn’t say he couldn’t stay and I had a call I had to be on at 10, so I left him with her. Two minutes after I got home, the director was calling saying she thought it was pink eye and I needed to take Braden to the doctor.. so much for that call. Thankfully my bosses are wonderfully understanding, so I went and picked him up and we went to visit Dr. White. Again.

Braden’s eye never really got bad, in fact, when I picked him up from daycare it just looked a little glassy, not really red. Thankfully earlier in the morning, I did the breastfeeding moms remedy for everything when I noticed his eye was red and put a few drops of breastmilk in it. Call me crazy, but there are awesome antibodies in it, and it worked, and Dr. White said it was probably what kept his from getting out of control.

Turns out the little guy also had ANOTHER ear infection, so she put him on antibiotics to clear it up and told us to be super careful so we don’t get it, luckily we haven’t, and he’s past the contagious stage now.

He had a rough night last night, he doesn’t sleep well when he doesn’t feel good. We spent most of the night like this..


He woke up this morning like a different baby though. His eye was all cleared up and you could tell by looking at him that he felt 100 times better. I’m so nervous about his surgery next week, but I’m looking forward to him not being sick all the time :(

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