Father Riley

Father John D. Riley

This morning Adam and I found out that Father Riley, the priest that married us, had passed away. Father Riley was such an amazing man. He met with us twice prior to our wedding, and talking to him was like sitting down and talking to an old friend. He had a magnetic personality and all of our friends and family that met him took an instant liking to him. His wit and humor was not something that we expected, but we both adored him for it. Father Riley will be greatly missed by many.

with Father Riley on our wedding day

Happy Birthday Jessi & Lisa!

We celebrated Scuba Lisa and Jessi’s birthdays “Cowboys & Indians” style out at Jax beach. We started off with dinner at Chili’s in Ponte Vedra, then headed over to the Brix and the Atlantic. Needless to say, we all had a wonderul time!!

The Birthday Girls!

Adam and I at dinner

Adam is a lucky boy! ;)

Jessi and I taking a break from shaking our booties at the Atlantic

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Update on the Floors

The tile in the kitchen area is almost done! Alex still has a few of the corner/edge pieces to do and the grout. I’m really happy with how it’s looking so far! Hopefully he can get the grout in tomorrow so we can actually use our kitchen over the weekend. I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun it is to not be able to use your kitchen at all!





Half Bath


New Floors Have Started!

Our house is a MESS! It’s not our fault this time though (or drunken friends)! The contractor started on the new floors today and so far he’s cut a huge chunk out of the carpet to keep the tile from scratching the bedliner in his truck and busted out all of the tile in the kitchen, half bath, laundry room and hallway. He found that there was vinyl linoleum under the tile, so he has to pull that out tomorrow, along with busting out the tile in the foyer and other two bathrooms. All I can say is that I’m glad we hired someone to do it, I would NOT want to have his job!!

Our new floors!

I guess its too late to change our minds..

Living Room

Breakfast Nook

Kitchen (plus Adam playing with his birthday present from Scuba & Jessi.. yes, he really is 31, not 5)


half bath

laundry room

This is what the office looks like when you move everything from the living room, kitchen and linen closets into it!

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