January Phone Dump!

18-month Check Up!

We’re going to call this a total mommy fail. I lost the paper with the stats from Mackenzie’s 18-month check up. Oops. I seriously need to get this office organized.. I’ll add it to the mile long to-do list!

Anyway, the good news is that our sweet girl is absolutely perfect! As if we didn’t already know :) She was right around 25 pounds and is hitting or exceeding all of her milestones. Dr. Egan was actually really impressed with Mackenzie’s vocabulary and her feisty little attitude. I know I’m going to miss a lot (hello mommy brain), but she says – mama, dadda, braden, bubba, grandma, grandpa, D (for Damian), uncle, thank you, hi, bye-bye, please, airplane, bird, dog, no, yes, yeah, ball, eyes, nose, hair, foot, shoes, more, ball, switch, milk, snack, socks, woof, swing, Elmo, Minnie, moo (for cow), gone, up, again, moon .. Much like her brother, she is a pro at “no” and we hear it many times a day.

Out little munchkin is still in some 12 month pants and mostly 18 month tops, she’s such an itty-bitty thing compared to her brother!

I promise not to be a total failure for her 2-year check up, and to get the stats with this one for her baby book.. that is, if I can remember that I forgot..

High Fives from Coach Bobby

Braden may not be a big fan of basketball (and if we’re being honest, neither am I) but he is a big fan of his coach. So are we. I’ve heard some stories about some not-so-great coaches for some of the basketball and football teams in his league. Thankfully, ours have been wonderful with the kids. We’re really grateful for the time and energy they put into these boys and the team.

Racing at Disney with Uncle Carter

We were up bright and early this morning to make it to ESPN’s Wide World of Sports for the Disney Kids’ Races.  We signed Braden up for the 200m dash and he was really excited to get started!

He had his own little cheering section — mama, daddy, darlin’, and Uncle Carter!

It took a bit of time for the race to start, they did all of the 100m dashes first.  Thankfully we were in the first wave for the 200m dash.  I didn’t exactly come prepared to run — wrong shoes, wrong clothes, no sports bra.. but he asked me to run with him, so how could I say no?!  I just prayed that the short distance didn’t cause my heel to act up any more than it already was.  I wasn’t really sure what Braden was going to when it was time to run, but he took off with a HUGE grin on his face and I had to sprint to catch up to him!

Once we rounded the corner to where the crowds were cheering at the finish line he slowed down a bit so I could catch up.

Braden crossed the finish line and ran to give Mickey a high-five, then collected his medal. I may have teared up, just a bit. Darn hormones!

Once the race was over, we made our way over to the Magic Kingdom.  Braden wanted to show Uncle Carter his absolute favorite ride, Buzz Lightyear.

These pictures make me smile, I love how much our kids love our friends.. and how much our friends love them back.  I love that they have this huge group of people, both family and friends that are like family, who love them.

I have to say, it’s extra cute seeing it with Braden and Carter.  They haven’t really had an interest in each other in the past, but now that Braden is old enough to have an actual conversation with you (and wipe his own bum, if we’re being honest), some of our old friends that aren’t parents yet have really taken a liking to him.  Seeing Carter walking around the Magic Kingdom holding hands with our little guy while Adam is carrying Mackenzie alongside them?  It kind of makes me laugh and say “Awww!!” all at the same time.

Next stop (after Buzz) is always the Tomorrowland Speedway.  I’m actually surprised that Carter got in the car with Braden driving, since he’s supposed to run a marathon tomorrow.  B is a bit of a crazy driver..

While the boys were on the rides, I spent a lot of time chasing this one around and around and around.. she’s still a bit too short for some of B’s favorite rides, so she and I find ways to entertain ourselves while the boys have fun.

Like here.. I never knew this existed!  We were wandering around while the boys were on Thunder Mountain (aka the “crazy train”) and we found this cute little toddler play area between Thunder Mountain and the train station.

After a few more rounds with Buzz, we were all beat and headed back to the hotel.  Braden wanted McDonald’s (bleh!) so we grabbed Happy Meals for the kiddos at the drive thru and Adam made a quick run to Chevy’s for take-out for us.  I’d been craving their salsa since last night, so I was a happy, happy girl!

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