Scuba Trip to Inverness and Crystal River

we spent the weekend with several of our good friends diving blue grotto, three sisters spring and king spring in central florida. although diving with the manatees in three sisters was pretty cool, i think we all decided that spring diving is not so much fun.

the highlight of the weekend (for me at least) was taking our friends to the cove – its a dirty little restaurant in a trailer park in inverness.. and they have the BEST garlic wings ever! you smell like garlic for a week after you eat them.. YUM! :)

allen, colleen, jess, kris, scuba & adam

our new friend, the sea cow!

scuba & kristin at the cove

blue grotto | the cove | crystal river

Happy 78th Birthday Papa!

happy 78th birthday papa black!

Adios, Carter!

jessi (being the wonderful girlfriend that she is) threw a surprise going away party for carter. 20ish of carters closest friends and family met for dinner at tento *yum*.. following dinner, we went in search of a bar at jax beach that carter is still allowed to go to. we ended up at fionn mccool’s, had a wonderful time until carter got kicked out

so, we were off to lynches.. the guys that caused carter to get kicked out of fionn mccool’s followed us and decided carter would make a nice punching bag.. little did they know he’s trained to kill.. not such a good idea boys! needless to say, he was kicked out of lynches.. and arrested :( luckily he only spent the night in jail and all of the charges were dropped

allen, kristin and adam

kristin & michelle

the hubby & the BUM!

the mugshot

Welcome, Sara Kate!

happy birthday sara kate!

sweet sara kate

we’ve been anxiously awaiting her arrival, and sara kate crews is finally here!

little miss kate weighed in at 6 pounds, 13 ounces and is 20.5 inches long. mom, dad and kate (and john too!) are all doing well! i know i’m biased.. but is she not the cutest little girl ever? i think she looks like her mommy!

cutest kids ever!

he’s a natural!

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