Weekend in Inverness

The rest of our Christmas weekend was spent in Inverness with Adam’s family.. we had a really good time :)

“You want to play horsey? What’s that??”

“I like horsey!”

Family Time!

Adam & Grandpa Rittner

Andrew & Braden

He’s heavier than he looks..

Braden & Aunt Colleen

Uncle Justin & Braden

The Family

To the Cove!

We spent the day after Christmas hanging out around the house, then everyone headed down to Inverness to visit with Adam’s grandparents and brother for the weekend.. and Braden made his first trip to the Cove!

Getting in a quick snack and some quiet time..

Playing on my bike from South Africa!

I think my legs are too short for it..

Talking with Matthew and Andrew..

Andrew is really silly..

I think he needs to come play more often!

Daddy and Me!

My family at the Cove!

Aunt Colleen, Uncle Jonathan and Heather

Grandma, Bruce and Uncle Justin – he is silly..

Christmas Day

Braden’s first Christmas was WONDERFUL! We had a houseful of Adam’s family, it was so great to have so many people here to see what Santa brought! We spent the early part of the morning here with Adam’s mom, cousins from South Africa (Heather, Bruce and their 2 boys Matthew and Andrew) and Colleen and Jonathan. After that we headed over to my parents house for a bit to open gifts with them, then everyone shared dinner at our house. So many wonderful memories!

Santa is MESSY!

Braden opening his first present!

Crazy, Posessed, Talking Dog

All the way from South Africa – thanks Heather, Bruce, Matthew and Andrew!

Everything goes in the mouth..

What is this??

Again with the silly things on my head Mommy??

In the mouth it goes!

What a mess.. it was fun though :)

Hanging out with Daddy

Christmas at Grandma’s!

“Seriously Snickers, step away from my present!”

“Oh alright, I’ll share.”

Thanks Uncle Damian!

Taking a break for a snack.

.. and another one..

What are these things?

This tree thing looks pretty cool from down here..

Wrestling with Uncle Damian! (I totally killed him!)

This is so cool Daddy!

Mommy was so nice to put it together for me! ;)

Daddy and Grandpa cooking the turkey

While Andrew entertains me inside..

.. until we decided to join the menfolk outside!

The “I really think it’s done” turkey..



“What do you mean I can’t have any turkey?!”

Trying my sippy cup for the first time!

Christmas Eve!

Braden’s First Christmas Eve!

We had a really good time.. stressful, but good. Adam and I spent most of the day getting the house ready for his family. He cooked a super-yummy dinner (Penne Pasta with Vodka Sauce and Italian Sausage) for our parents, my brother and us.. even if it didn’t go exactly as planned :)

Adam and I decided to exchange gifts before everyone got here, he got me a Starbucks giftcard that will take care of my coffee fix for a LONG time! I got him a kit to brew his own beer at home! He’s been talking about it since we met, so I figured since we’re spending more time at home now, I might as well get him something to tinker with :)

Not too sure about what’s in here..

And a big smile for beer.. surprise, surprise :)

We let Braden open one of his gifts too.. I can’t wait to see him tomorrow morning!

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