February Phone Dump!

Mackenzie is 7 months old!

Happy 7 months to my beautiful girl!

Monthly pictures are becoming a bit more challenging since Mackenzie is a bit more mobile! She has learned how to scoot and is not a fan of staying in one place for too long!

She still adores her big brother and keeps us laughing. She’s doing a bit better with solids.. she eats a small portion of yogurt most days, but that’s about it.

She’s LOVING school these days. She gets so excited and starts kicking her legs when we walk in and see her teacher. I love that my girl loves going, makes drop offs just a bit easier on me!

Daytona Beach, Part 2

The original plan was for Mackenzie and I to go down to Daytona on our own.. I wasn’t sure about driving back alone after dark, especially with a baby who is used to nursing fairly often at night, so I booked a room at the Oceanfront Hilton for us to stay. I was really looking forward to it, but then the other husbands decided they were coming, so Adam and B made the trip with me. I’m so glad they did, we had a blast. Adam and I are both itching to get away from Jax for another little weekend getaway SOON!

Daytona Beach Play Date

One of my friends and her family were on vacation visiting from Buffalo, they came down for some warmer weather, Disney World, and the beach. We (us, along with some of our other friends) met up at Daytona Beach so the kids could be crazy and have fun while we all chatted. We had SOO much fun! It was Mackenzie’s first time at the beach (unless you count when I was pregnant) and she loved it! I can’t wait to go back this summer with 2 outside babies! :)

I don’t know how the kids weren’t freezing! All but Mackenzie and one other ended up in the ocean and soaking wet. I ventured out for a bit, but the water was ice cold. It’s amazing that none of them ended up sick!

We tried to get them all to sit and smile.. really, it was almost funny watching us try.. this was the best I got!

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