I’m a lucky mama.

Mackenzie is 1 Month Old!

I cannot believe that a month has gone by since we welcomed our beautiful girl into our family. She has been such a blessing and we’ve had such an amazing time getting to know her and making her a part of our little family. She is the sweetest little thing and SO good. She rarely fusses or cries, is doing wonderful with nursing and is sleeping.. sometimes :) She is such a happy girl and loves her big brother. She’s full of smiles for us.. just as long as we don’t try to put her in her car seat. We’re so blessed!

Big brother wanted in on the picture taking action too.. though he didn’t want to smile!

another pool day!

I cannot keep this kid out of the pool! Braden spent the night with my parents last night and when I went to get him in the morning, he wanted to stay and swim. I love that he loves the water so much! He was worn out, so he finally did his float for a bit.. normally he won’t stay still long enough to float, he’s just a swimming fool!

Mackenzie, on the other hand, was perfectly content to sit inside in the AC watching a movie with Mommy and Grandma :)

swim, swim, swim!

That is all that Braden wants to do!

We spent the day at my parents house and Braden spent most of the day in the pool, or jumping off of the ledge into the pool. This child seriously has no fear!

He was worn out after a few hours and passed out in Papa’s recliner. He looks so sweet and comfy :)

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