Ear Infection, Round 2

Last night was not fun, at all. I was sitting in bed snuggling with Mackenzie and she made a weird noise, the next thing I knew, she projectile vomited all over herself, me, the bed, and the floor. It’s amazing how much stuff can come out of such a little person. Adam got everything cleaned up while Mackenzie and I hopped in the shower. She scared me in there because he started shaking, in guessing she was cold or scared. I’m not sure, I turned up the heat on the water and she snuggled onto my chest and fell asleep. We put clean jammies on her and I sat up and rocked her for about an hour I make sure she was alright, then put her to bed.

Three hours later, same thing happened again. Poor kiddo just wanted to nurse but couldn’t keep anything down. She got up around 7 and tried to eat, I thought it might stay down.. Nope, she threw up all over the clean clothes hanging on the bottom shelf in my closet while I was in there picking out what to wear.

I called the pediatrician. Usually they just tell you to keep them hydrated and you don’t have to go in, but since she is so little, not keeping anything down, and it’s a holiday weekend, they had me bring her in. She was so sad and sleepy all morning while we got ready. She just wanted to sit and snuggle and was so out of it. Totally not like her, she is usually so happy and such a wiggle worm.

We got to the doctors office and her temp was 100.0 but she was all smile and giggles for the nurse, despite the fact that she hadn’t really eaten since the night before.

When Dr. Shaw came in she went back to fussy, clingy, and unhappy. Poor thing has an ear infection and a stomach bug. She put her on a stronger antibiotic and told us to give pedialyte for her next two meals, then to try nursing again.

Umm yeah, Mackenzie was not having that. She refused the bottle. We got home and I let her nurse a bit, then waited a half hour to make sure it didn’t come back up. Repeated that for the next few hours and thankfully she kept the milk and her meds down. Hopefully she is feeling better tomorrow so we don’t have to cancel our trip to Bainbridge to celebrate Christmas with my family. I hate that she isn’t feeling well

Hurray! It’s Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas!! Braden was so funny, we were upstairs waiting for my parents to get here and I was telling him that Santa came and the presents were downstairs, but he had no interest in presents. He was concerned about breakfast. He kept telling me that we needed to go eat waffles and pancakes first, then we could open presents. Needless to say, that went right out the door when he got downstairs and saw the tree.

Hmm.. why is everyone looking at me??

“Ohhh brother, what’d you get??”

I got a baby doll!!!!

So focused!

Opening his fishing rod and reel from Uncle D

Kenzie had to help Papa with his gift, it was too big for him!

“Ohhh this one is bigger than I am!”

Uncle D was just thrilled with his gift! ;)

Miss Mackenzie enjoyed eating wrapping paper. Her pediatrician told us at her 4 month appointment that she was free to eat as much wrapping paper as she wanted. Good thing too, she tore into it!

After opening presents and eating breakfast (cinnamon rolls, hashbrown casserole, and blueberry french toast casserole), B relaxed and played with his LeapPad while Daddy took a little nap.

Then we got Braden dressed for the day and he and Uncle D went to try out his new rod and reel.

I love this picture.

Reeling in his first fish!

Yay for B’s first catch!

My handsome boy :)

While B was fishing, Mackenzie stayed back to hang out with her Grandma Levenia a bit. She tried to convince Grandma that she really needed a snack, since everything looked so tasty, but Grandma knew better..

So she settled for playing in her new jumparoo instead.

Braden spent the rest of the day on his new Smart Cycle. Seriously, would not get off of it! We mostly relaxed and just watched the kids play until it was time to get dinner ready. Turkey, dressing, green beans, broccoli casserole, mashed potatoes.. YUM!

I think Mackenzie really enjoyed her first Christmas!

We hope that everyone else did too!

Merry Christmas Eve!

If Braden was happy yesterday when I told him that tomorrow was Christmas Eve.. he was freaking ecstatic today. Christmas Eve.. Santa comes tonight and Grandma Ruth comes today? And Daddy is home? AND no school? It’s the perfect trifecta, and then some!

We did a whole lot of relaxing and spending time with the family today. We did make a quick Target run, but that’s just normal for a Saturday around here. I made homemade baked ziti for dinner, which was delicious. My friend Natalie lived in Naples, Italy for a few years and got the recipe from a friend there. It’s really, really good. While I cooked, B had fun playing out in the back yard with Uncle D.

After dinner, we decorated Gingerbread cookies to leave for Santa.

Don’t ask about that one out in front.. it was my dads. He said the big rectangle is a bandage and it has gangreen.. yeah, he’s a little weird sometimes. We still love him though :)

After we finished the cookies, it was time for dessert – apple pie ala mode! Not so homemade (thanks Costco!), but still good!

Then Adam and Braden went to put out food for the reindeer..

And cookies for Santa..

Then Santa paid a visit and left lots of goodies for our sweet babies!

And he ate the cookies they left out..

.. or did he?? :)

All while Braden and Mackenzie were snuggled up and sleeping upstairs!

And I just love Miss Mackenzie’s first Christmas ornament (well, one of them anyway!).

It’s almost time..

Every morning when Braden wakes up, the first question out of his mouth is “Is it Christmas Day??”. When I tell him that it’s not, he gets all upset. Thankfully this morning he was happy when I told him that tomorrow was Christmas Eve and there was no school today!

We ran some errands in the morning and early afternoon, then spent the rest of the day home baking and cleaning to get ready for Santa! B has SO much fun helping out in the kitchen now, and I love having him there with me. Mackenzie wanted to get in on the action too, she sat in her high chair and watched while playing with her little spoons.

When we were finished with the gingerbread and chocolate chip cookies, we mixed up a batch of Magic Reindeer food (oats, hot cocoa, apple cider mix, and red glitter) to sprinkle on the lawn tomorrow night so that Santa’s reindeer knew where to land.

After that, Braden was off to bed and Five flew back to the North Pole to let Santa know that he’d been an extra good boy. When he came back, he hung this cute banner and left a card for Braden to find in the morning.

And I love, love, love this picture. Daddy and his little girl, worn out after a very busy day.

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