32 Week Ultrasound

We had the rescan today (at the first one her face was buried in the placenta) and got much better pictures.. not great, since she’s super squished now, but I love them! I just want to kiss her cheeks!!

And the best news – she’s head down!!!! Now she just needs to stay that way!

Sick Buddy

We woke up this morning to a sick dog :( Poor Buddy ate part of one of Braden’s toys and had a bit of a belly ache, and left proof of it ALL OVER the house. Thankfully he kept his mess on the hardwood floor and tile, so it was easy to clean up.

Buddy wasn’t up for playing or running around as he usually is, so B sat in the foyer with him and took care of him. He ran and got him a blanket and pillow and kept telling me “Bud Bud is sick, he not feel good.”

Something tells me he’s going to be a good big brother.

32 Weeks!

Only 2 months to go!!

The doctor thinks that the baby is still breech. She can’t confirm without an ultrasound and told me not to worry, they don’t worry until 34 weeks and she still has time to flip, but just wanted me to be aware. I really thought she’d flipped since I’ve been getting kicked in the ribs and the top of my belly a lot lately. She didn’t say what the plan is if she remains breech, I guess we’ll discuss that at the 34 week appointment, if she doesn’t flip before then.

I have my last 3D ultrasound (the tech is doing a re-scan for free since she couldn’t get any good shots last time) on Tuesday, so at least then I’ll know for sure if she’s breech or not.

Besides that, I didn’t gain any weight, so I’m still up 8 pounds total. The doctor seemed concerned but measured my belly and said the baby seems to be growing as she should, it’s just me that isn’t gaining. She told me to make sure I’m eating plenty of protein and to try to up my calories the next 2 weeks, so fingers crossed that I gain some.

Other than that, things were good – BP is normal, urine normal, baby was kicking away and heartbeat was normal.

Day Full of Surprises!

Today was crazy busy, but SO much fun! B had a play date with some of his little friends this morning, so we headed out for that (and I didn’t take pictures, oops!).. then rushed home to pick up Adam and off to our friends house for a barbeque. Well, I thought it was a barbeque. It was actually a surprise sprinkle for our little girl hosted by 2 of my good friends, Jenn and Theresa :)

We also had a birthday party to go to that night for my friend Lindsey. Such a great time!! It was a surprise party for her 29th and her moms 60th birthday at this gorgeous house right on the river. Seriously, it was nicer than some of the weddings I’ve been to! So nice to relax and enjoy some quality time with friends!

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