Apparantely my co-workers like to comment on me being pregnant.

One of the older guys I work with (he’s my parents ages.. so yes, he’s old! haha) just stopped in my office and said “I just wanted to tell you that the last few days I’ve noticed you’ve been glowing, you look so happy!”

Awwww.. I much prefer the glowing comments to the waddling ones :)


Apparantely I’ve “got the waddle”.

One of my co-workers just realized today that I’m pregnant. She came in my office a bit ago and was asking me about the pregnancy and said she could tell I’m expecting from the way I walk.. as she was leaving she said “you’ve got the waddle girl!”.. is that supposed to make me feel good??? I think not!! :(

Nursery Update

We painted the nursery and bathroom this weekend – thanks to my mom and dad helping us, we got done in record time. We’re adding the stripes this weekend, pray for us.. I have a feeling its not going to be much fun, but it’s going to look so cute, it’ll be worth it.. right?? :)

Ignore the ugly fan – its being replaced with a white one. Also, ignore my dad’s empty beer can.. apparantely men can’t work without beer :)

room with a view


Sammy is not too sure about all of this baby talk, I think he enjoys being the baby..

Baby Update: 24 Week Appointment

I had my 24-week checkup with Dr. Greenhaw this morning, it went well. The orange glucose drink (for the Gestational Diabetes test) wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.. it kind of made me gag, but I got it all down.. so cross your fingers that I pass the test and I don’t have GD! They tested my iron level too, it was 14.1, which they said was good.

The glucose drink REALLY got McLovin’ going – he’s been kicking up a storm this morning. He kicked the doppler twice when the nurse was trying to get his heart rate.. stubborn little guy, I guess he doesn’t like it :)

Dr. Greenhaw measured my belly and said everything looks good! Adam asked him about having a urologist do the circumcision, and he said we could do that, but that most of them will not do it until the baby is at least 6-months old.. so I guess now we have to decide if we want the OB to do it, or wait and take him to a urologist.

We need to pick a pediatrican before our next appointment too.. how do you decide on that when you’ve never had a need for one??

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