Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!

Adam’s best friend (Brad) and his wife (Aleisha) just moved to Fernandina. To say Adam is happy about it would be the understatement of the year! :) This morning, we drove up to spend the day with them! Brad and Aleisha have a little boy (Benjamin) that is just about a year younger than Braden. Brad & Adam are convinced that Braden and Benjamin are going to be best buds. Looks like they’re off to a solid start!

Drew & Amanda’s Wedding

I love weddings. I do. I especially love weddings that are relaxed, laid back and fun. You know, the ones where the bride is smiling the ENTIRE time, even when it starts raining and the DJ has to shut everything down halfway through the reception to move his equipment. Where instead of pouting and going all bridezilla on everone, she gets her friends out on the dance floor and keeps the fun going with or without music.

That’s one of the many reason’s why we’re so glad to have the beautiful Mrs. Hall as the newest member of our family! Drew & Amanda’s wedding was fabulous, we had a wonderful time and I’m so, so happy for them! Congratulations you guys!!

B and Pa checking out the lake


aww :)

Mattie and B taking a break from dancing

Uncle Todd, Dad, Adam

Malori, Me, Mattie

Jordan, Me, Chris

Aunt Threasa and Uncle Greg shaking their tooshies

The Day Before the Big Day!

It’s Drew & Amanda’s wedding weekend! They’ve been engaged for a while and we’ve all been anxiously waiting for this weekend to finally get here. Amanda is such a sweet girl and we can’t wait to welcome her to our family.

The wedding is at The Lodge on Lake Oconee – it is BEAUTIFUL! My mom and I came up last night to help Aunt Threasa get everything put together for the rehearsal dinner, then we went out for pedicures (my aunt has never had one, so we insisted!) and relaxed by the pool.

I’m lucky to have such a great family!

Mr. B and Pa lounging in the hot tub


Mr. B checking his email ;)

back to the pool to swim with his cousins

They’re [almost] hitched!

Jordan’s Graduation Party

Jordan’s graduation party was this afternoon at Aunt Threasa and Uncle Greg’s house. They recently adopted (or, were convinced that they should by their son) an adorable little lab puppy, Toby. I threatened to steal him on more than one occasion and B absolutely adored him.

Shortly after the picture above was taken, Toby nipped B on the back of the leg. He promptly turned around and told him “No no Toby! Mimeout!” Which is B’s way of telling Toby that we do not bite, or we go to time out. He cracks me up :)

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