A Day at Home

I can’t get enough of the pictures of B falling asleep in random places. This morning, Buddy stood guard to make sure that nobody woke his royal highness before he was ready to get up.

We spent the rest of the day working on the tree and just hanging out in the backyard – I had a really hard time narrowing down these pictures (we took over 100), but here are a few.

Sleepy Boy

Apparently someone played too hard this morning – he fell asleep eating lunch.

I put him in his crib and he slept for an hour or so, but he woke up because he was hot (it was chilly last night so he had on fleecy pajamas), so I pulled his pajamas off and he went right back to sleep on me.. I don’t see how that’s even remotely comfortable.

(Ignore that its an awful picture of me, I’d been up since 5 chasing B around and was barely dressed!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

We alternate who we spend Thanksgiving with every year, so since we were in Bainbridge last year, we headed down to Inverness to visit Adam’s family this year. We took Uncle Allen with us and had a great time. B loved it, of course – he spent the entire day playing with Kayla & Tegan. He loves his cousins :)

Daddy is Home!

Daddy’s home – yay!! :) I don’t have any updates for the last few days because I’ve been sick with the flu. I pretty much kept the couch from floating away and that’s it. It’s times like this that make me very thankful that my parents live just around the corner and don’t mind helping out with Braden. My mom stayed over and took care of B for me so I could rest.. I don’t know what I would have done if they weren’t here to help.

Today, the Hodkey’s were in St. Augustine for the day so we headed down to see them. I love Historic St. Augustine, and I never pass up a chance to go to the Spanish Bakery and the Columbia.

Here are some pictures from our day..

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