Weekly Workout Recap: July 29th – August 11th

I had to switch a few of my training runs around so if you’re on the same training plan I am, you’re not losing your mind, things are just a little nutty around here and I’m trying to fit all of my runs in when I can.  Thankfully I’ve been able to just shuffle them around to different days and not get off track too much.  I’m a bit late posting this, we’ve had a rough and busy few days around here.  I have a few things I’m working on though, so keep an eye out for them.

Marathon Training – Week 3:

  • Monday – Fun Workout – We rode bikes to get ice cream, does that count? :)
  • Tuesday – Easy 5 – I had no good reason not to run except that I didn’t feel like it.
  • Wednesday – Rest or XT – I rested
  • Thursday – Tempo (1-2 WU, 2 T, 1-2 CD) – Ran 4.04 miles at 9:23 pace.  1 mile warm-up at 9:54, 2 tempo miles at 8:42 and 8:58, 1 mile cool down at 10:02.. all while pushing Mackenzie in the jogging stroller!  I know I totally slacked earlier in the week, but running on fresh legs was fabulous!
  • Friday – Easy 4 (bail) – I bailed, I chaperoned a field trip to the Kennedy Space Center (2 hours away) and had to be up before the crack of dawn, we made it back after dinner time and I was exhausted.
  • Saturday – Long 11, mid 5 at RP – I woke up way too late to safely get this done.  I tried, but at almost 3 miles I called my husband to come get me because I was miserable.  Ran 2.84 miles at 11:15 pace.
  • Sunday – Rest — I was smarter today and woke up early to get my long run done.  Ran 11 miles at 10:53 pace and felt great the entire time.

Marathon Training – Week 4:

  • Monday – Rest or XT – Rested, had a rough day and needed the break.
  • Tuesday – Easy 3 – Ran 3.01 miles at 9:31 pace.  I went to dinner with some girlfriends and didn’t get home ’til around 9:30.  Running 3 miles at 10pm with a belly full of delicious food and beer was not my best idea, but I got it done.
  • Wednesday – Easy 5 – Ran 5.01 miles at 10:33 pace.  I discovered the New Kids on the Block station on Pandora tonight and LOVED it.  Perfect for easy runs.
  • Thursday – Easy 3 (bail) – Since I have four (yes, four!!) races this weekend, I decided to take it easy today.
  • Friday – Tempo (1 WU, 3 x 1 T with .5 recovery, 1 CD) – I kind of did this but not really.  Tonight was the 4-mile beach run part of the Tour de Pain race series.  Basically 4 tempo miles with no recovery.  That totally counts, right?
  • Saturday – Long 12, mid 6 at race pace — I wasn’t sure what to do about this one, but I asked my running coach friend and he assured me that I’d be fine to skip my long run in place of really running hard at the races.  I’m supposed to drop down in miles for next weeks long run, so I may just do the 12 then.  We’ll see how I feel next week.  I ran hard at the 5k and mile sizzler and PR’d at both!
  • Sunday – Rest — Bailed on the rest day, haha!  Ran/Walked the Drenched 5K today.


Previous marathon training workout recaps:

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