Weekly Workout Recap: October 21st – November 3rd

I forgot to enter some of these when I did them, I’ve been overwhelmed with work and life the last few weeks so I know I did a few runs that never got entered.  This is pretty close to what I did, I think..

Marathon Training – Week 15:

  • Monday – Easy 4 + 8 Strides – Ran with my running buddy Megan, we did 4.03 miles at 11:18 pace.  Supposed to be an easy run but it didn’t feel easy – I had Mackenzie in the stroller and my legs felt like lead.  Ugh.
  • Tuesday – 7 Yasso 800s – Nope, not happening.  Still sore so I rested my unhappy legs.  I may try to do a few tomorrow night before yoga.
  • Wednesday – Power Yoga – You know I didn’t miss it.  I did, however, miss doing the Yasso’s from yesterday before yoga.
  • Thursday – 6 Tempo (1 WU, 4T, 1 CD) – Y’all, I can’t remember!  I don’t remember bailing on this run, but I didn’t log it on Daily Mile.  I seriously have no clue.  Mommy brain strikes again.
  • Friday – Cross Train/Rest – We went to dinner with my friends for my birthday, so I rested!
  • Saturday – Rest
  • Sunday - Pumpkin Run 10 Mile Race – Ran 10 miles at 9:34 pace.  I was so annoyed with myself because I left my Garmin at home.  It worked out though, just kept an eye on the mile-marker clocks and ran a comfortably hard pace.

Marathon Training – Week 16:

  • Monday – Rest day since I ran hard yesterday morning at the Pumpkin Run.
  • Tuesday – Ran an easy 5ish miles around the neighborhood.
  • Wednesday – Power Yoga – Love my yoga nights!
  • Thursday – Ran 4ish miles around the neighborhood.
  • Friday – Rest
  • Saturday – Long 20 – Ran 20.01 miles at 10:56 pace.  I ran this one with my friend TK, she does 4:1 intervals and I felt really great the entire time.  Never felt fatigued or tired and could have kept going.  I’m thinking about maybe doing some set intervals (maybe 8:1?) for Space Coast.  Still trying to figure out my plan..
  • Sunday – Rest

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