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Derby Cars, Laguna Beach & Laundry


This was one of those rare weekends where it felt like it lasted longer than two days.  A big part of that is probably because we pretty much stayed home all day Sunday, which is my least favorite weekend thing-to-do, but the kids wanted to do it so we did!


Back from the Dead

2014 12 21 Injured

Or at least, that’s how it feels. A killer sinus infection, followed by a lovely allergic reaction, has had me on my butt for the last few days. I’ve also been off work since December 23rd, so I think this is the first time I’ve actually turned on my computer since then.  I feel like our Christmas break flew by so fast.  When it started, I was so excited for two weeks of just hanging out with my family and friends without a ton of obligations, but like usual, we found things to keep us busy and then I got sick.. and here we are.  I’m going to try to keep it short today and just share a few pictures of what we were up to before Christmas.


Life with Rex

A little over a year ago when we lost Sammy, I wasn’t sure when I’d be ready to adopt another dog.  Losing him was hard and we still miss him every day.  After a few months, I realized that Buddy missed him too.  Buddy has never been a super active dog, but he wasn’t his normal self.  Our house was too quiet too.  I know, it’s amusing to think of a house as quiet with two little ones and a dog, but it was.  I was used to having Sam underfoot, always nuzzling me with his nose for attention or stepping on my feet, wrestling with Buddy or chasing him around.  I missed the chaos


Coffee Date

It’s time to catch you up on what we’ve been up to again!  I’m linking up with Jill, Nikki, and Lynda for the ultimate coffee date!  I’m late, again, thanks to work.  I keep thinking this busy cycle is coming to an end, but then it doesn’t.  It’s not as bad as it has been though, I’m actually able to snuggle my little ones and put them to bed at night.  Mackenzie kind of broke my heart a little bit the other night.  I was finishing up some work while Adam bathed them and when I went upstairs to help get them to bed, she said “Mommy, you have to work?  Or is it cuddle time?”  I hate that my busy work schedule affects them.  I can’t complain too much though, I’m able to work from home most days and my boss is great about letting me take off when I need to.


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