Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday!

We spent our Thanksgiving in Georgia – lunch at my aunts cabin with my dads family and dinner with my moms family at another aunts house. I love being in Georgia for Thanksgiving, I love seeing my kids surrounded by my family and their cousins. I have so many wonderful memories of holidays with them when I was little and it’s so nice to share that with my babies.

with Uncle D at Aunt Louise’s cabin

with John at Aunt Louise’s cabin

Cousins on Grandpas side

with Jordan and Justin

Cousins on Grandma’s side

Thanksgiving Lunch with Mackenzie

This one.. well, it was a bit more interesting.

My girl loves macaroni and cheese. She also insists on feeding herself. I was looking forward to another round of Thanksgiving lunch, but instead of eating it, I was mostly wearing it.

Thank goodness I work from home!!

Thanksgiving Lunch with B

Every year, the kids school hosts a Thanksgiving lunch so that parents can come in and eat with their kids. I was a bit worried about it this year, since we have two kids and you know me, I didn’t want to miss out on anything.. but thankfully, they were scheduled on two different days. I’ll admit, I was a bit hesitant about actually eating the lunch.. one thing I definitely do not miss about school is eating school lunches.

I should have known better!

The chef at the kids school is a Southern grandma and the food was DELICIOUS! Totally home made, from scratch, and just yum. It was fun going in, sitting with B at his little table, having him so excited to see me and show me around his class room, and chatting with a few of the other kids moms. I’ll miss doing this with him next year when he’s in kindergarten!

I didn’t realize how long B’s hair had gotten until I looked at these pictures.. someone needs a hair cut!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We headed down to Orlando this year to celebrate Thanksgiving with Adam’s family (plus some others). His cousin Colleen is getting married next month and she and her fiance have family in town from all over the world, so we had a big family lunch.

Braden quickly got tired of sitting around in a room full of people he really didn’t know (well, half of them anyway) so we headed outside with our pockets full of rolls to feed the birds.

The weekend was busy and a bit overwhelming for our two little ones.. but you’d never know it, they were so good! We really are lucky parents. I love them, even when (okay, especially when) they are silly!

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