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2015 Walt Disney World Marathon


Sooo.. the 2015 Walt Disney World Marathon.  That was fun.  I’m going be be 100% honest here and say that if it weren’t for the fact that my husband and friends were running this race, there’s a good chance that it would have been my first DNS.


What I Learned at the Finish Line of a Marathon

Marathon training starts soon (next week, ack!) and I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do differently this training cycle.  I ran my first marathon last December and it was hard.  Really, really hard.  I ran my second marathon six weeks later and it wasn’t so hard.  Physically demanding?  Definitely.  Mentally though, I was in a much better place.  I knew I could cover the distance and I knew that not hitting an arbitrary time goal that I came up with wouldn’t kill me.


2014 Walt Disney World Marathon


Like I mentioned in my post about the day before the race, I’d really been looking forward to the Walt Disney World Marathon since the Space Coast Marathon.  I’d really been beating myself up about how I performed there and knew that I could do a lot better.  I think there were a lot of things that contributed to me not really being very motivated to push myself that day — I was bored, the hills were annoying, and I really just didn’t feel up to it.  That wasn’t the case the morning of the Walt Disney World Marathon.  I really wanted to do better, I wanted to do what I knew I was capable of and what I had trained for.


2013 Space Coast Marathon


I’ve been talking about the Space Coast Marathon since April and training for it since July.  Much like everything else, it seemed like it took forever to get here but when I woke up Sunday morning, it was kind of surreal that the day I’d been working so hard for, for so many miles and months, was finally here.


My First 26.2 – Disney vs. Space Coast?

I’ve been toying with the idea of running a marathon since right around Mile 11 of the Princess Half Marathon.  I was so close to the end of the race and felt great, so I started thinking that maybe running 26.2 miles wasn’t as impossible as it seemed just a few short months ago.  Running a marathon is never something I wanted to do.  I’ve had a few friends who have done it, and while I had a heck of a lot of respect for them, I just never had the desire to do it myself.


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