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Running Lately


I’m going to go ahead and point out the obvious.  Earlier this week, I said I wanted to post more about family life and less about running.  And yet, here I am, with a second post about running this week.  Typical!  This is a good one though, I promise!  (Maybe I shouldn’t promise, but it was therapeutic to write, so hopefully it’s “good”!)


Happy New Year!

2014 12 31 Happy New Year

Like many of you, at the beginning of last year, I set some goals for 2014.  I went back and read over the list just a bit ago and.. I did okay?  I had ten goals and I mostly hit six of them.  I wasn’t considering them resolutions or even things that I needed to get done in 2014.  If they happened before the year was over, great.  If not, I’d keep trying.


Goals for 2014

I think I’ve started my last few posts with pretty much the same line, so it’s probably getting old, but here it is again.. It’s been a while!  With the holidays, then the back to work & school madness, my husband traveling for work, final prep for my next marathon, and a TON going on at work.. it’s just been crazy around here and I haven’t had much time to keep up with blogs, much less write on my own.


August Goals

Last month, I started writing out my goals for the month to keep me accountable. Marathon training wasn’t too far off, so I figured it was a good idea to start thinking about what I needed to do to be successful with my training. Since this was my first time setting monthly goals, I went easy on myself. So, how’d I do?


July Goals

Okay, so to motivate myself to get out of my funk and back to training, I decided to start setting monthly goals for myself.  They may not always relate to running/fitness, but I’ve been slacking so much lately that I need to set some goals to get me back on track.  I’m sharing them here so that if I don’t stick to them, you can all fuss at me and tell me to knock it off with the excuses and get my toosh out there!  Marathon training isn’t that far off and I need to get back into decent running shape and build up my base to at least eight miles.


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