Weekly Workout Recap: October 7th – October 20th

Doing well — totally surprised myself with the long run in week 14, I thought it would be brutal but I really enjoyed it.  I’m loving running with friends and groups, it’s so much more fun.  I bailed a lot in week 14, it was just a crazy week at work with our customer in the office and a stomach bug.  I’m glad it happened now though and not closer to the race!

Marathon Training – Week 13:

  • Monday – Easy 4 + 6 Strides – Ran 4.12 miles at 9:35 pace.  I felt really good so I pushed the pace past “easy” and finished with 6 strides.
  • Tuesday – 6 Yasso 800s – Exhausted, tired legs, and a case of the cranky pants.  I bailed and spent some much-needed time with my hubby and kids.  I’ll do them tomorrow before yoga.
  • Wednesday – Power Yoga – Favorite day of the week!  I didn’t make up the 800s, but I did run 3 miles while pushing Braden (who is over 50 pounds!) in the stroller — it was way to gorgeous outside to run on the treadmill
  • Thursday – 6 Tempo (1 WU, 4T, 1 CD) – I wasn’t feeling great this morning, I took the day off work to rest and went to a yoga class to help relax which was a mistake because it was not a relaxing yoga class at all!  I did 3 800m repeats and gave it up and went home.  I’m trying to be better about listening to my body.
  • Friday – Cross Train/Rest – I’m sore from yesterdays yoga class so I’m resting to get ready for tomorrows long run.
  • Saturday – Long 12 – Ran 12 miles at 10:26 pace.  Ran the first 5 on my own, then 5 with two of my friends, then the last two on my own.  The first ten flew by and felt easy, then the last two felt miserable.  Running is such a mental game.
  • Sunday – Rest

Marathon Training – Week 14:

  • Monday – Easy 5 – Ran 4 at 10:16 pace.  We had a lot going on tonight so I ended up taking Mackenzie with me in the stroller so Adam could get stuff done around the house.  I could have kept going, but it started sprinkling around 2.5 miles and Mackenzie kept saying “No rain, stop!  Stop rain!” and I felt bad for her, so we cut it short when we passed back by the house.
  • Tuesday – 6 Yasso 800s – I was in the office late in meetings with our customer, made it home in time to eat, get the kids in bed, then pass out myself.
  • Wednesday – Power Yoga – Went to yoga when I probably should have stayed in bed, my tummy was not happy with me.
  • Thursday – 5 Negative Splits 2/2/1 – I had a stomach bug, spent the evening in bed :(
  • Friday – Cross Train/Rest – Rested to get ready for my long run tomorrow!
  • Saturday – Long 18 – I met up with a friend of mine and her running group and ran 16 miles on Amelia Island, then finished up the last two on my own.
  • Sunday – Rest


Previous marathon training workout recaps:

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  1. Abby @ BackAtSquareZero says:

    I have heard Amelia island is amazing. I bet it was a beautiful place to run. Great job on the 18!
    Abby @ BackAtSquareZero recently posted…SD Pharmaceuticals Supplement ReviewMy Profile

  2. You are such an inspiration. Wow. I am absolutely in awe of that endurance and your mindset. I want to run a marathon one day, but I’m still struggling through the pain of a few miles ;) I’m excited to see how you do!!
    Meg recently posted…The List.My Profile

  3. Sarah @ Sweet Miles says:

    You have been so good about your training! I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!!
    Sarah @ Sweet Miles recently posted…Half Marathon Motivation & PlanMy Profile

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