Weekly Workout Recap: September 23rd – October 6th

I”m a few days late.. I’ve been kind of MIA lately.  Work is really busy right now and we were out of town this weekend (my husband ran the Tower of Terror 10-Miler at Disney Saturday night) and to be honest, I’ve been a bit overwhelmed.  While my blog may have suffered some, my training hasn’t.  I had a particularly rough run on Friday — halfway through a 17-miler, my knee started to hurt.. then the top of my foot.. and it hurt so bad that I texted a few of my running buddies to see if I should just throw in the towel.  I took a long walk break, stopped to stretch, then did 4:1 intervals and was able to finish.  It worried me that it hurt so bad though.  I talked to a few running friends over the weekend and they all told me the same thing — I’m running too much.

I also had a nice talk with a friend who also happens to be a running coach.  I reached out to him to ask if he had any suggestions for doctors (I was worried about my knee and foot) that wouldn’t tell me to stop running.  He was pretty frank with me and told me that our bodies aren’t built to run such long distances and that it’s going to hurt.  When I explained the pain I was having to him (it went away on its own and didn’t bother me at all over the weekend), he said it sounded like my IT Band.  He suggested taking Advil or Aleve before my long runs, more foam rolling, and to cut back on the mileage, so that’s what I’m doing.  Hopefully it works and my body cooperates.


Marathon Training – Week 11:

  • Monday – Easy 4 + 8 Strides – Had to do this on the treadmill due to rain, ran 4 easy then did strides at the end getting progressively quicker, ending at 8mph.  Total distance was 4.39 miles at 10:27 pace.
  • Tuesday – 4 Yasso 800′s – I did 5!  I’m building up to 10 Yasso 800′s two weeks before Space Coast, but one of my friends (hi TK!) encouraged me to shoot for 5 this week and build up earlier, so I did!  I did a 1 mile warm up, 5 x 800m @ 4:00 with 4:00 jogging recovery, and 1 mile cool down.  Total distance was 5.8 miles at 9:22 pace.
  • Wednesday – Power Yoga – Quite possibly my favorite night of the week!
  • Thursday - 6 Tempo (1 WU, 4T, 1 CD) – I curse speed work when I’m doing it, but it’s working!  Did 1 mile warm-up @ 10:17, 3 miles tempo @ 9:23, 9:13, 8:48, 1 mile cool-down @ 10:04.  Total distance was 5.01 miles at 9:32 pace.
  • Friday – Cross Train – Does driving 3-hours to Bainbridge and chasing my kids around a wedding rehearsal count as cross training?  Because that’s what I did today!
  • Saturday – Long 14 –  I was in Bainbridge for my cousins wedding so I ran around town, the first few miles one of my cousins tagged along.  I got lost a few times and stopped by another cousins house to refill my water bottle.  I love running there :)  Ran 14.01 miles at 11:28.
  • Sunday – Rest

Marathon Training – Week 12:

  • Monday – Easy4 – First time running with a group of moms in the neighborhood, having company made the miles fly by!  Ran 5.56 miles at 11:50 pace.
  • Tuesday - 5 Yasso 800′s – I love doing these!  1 mile warm-up @ 10:21, 5 x 800m @ 4:00 with 4:00 jogging recovery, cool down @ 10:21.  Total distance was 5.38 miles at 9:43 pace.
  • Wednesday – Power Yoga – Definitely did not pass on this!
  • Thursday – Rest – Long run tomorrow, so I rested.
  • Friday - Long 17 – Ran the first few miles with a new running friend and they flew by!   This is the run where my knee and foot really hurt.  I probably should have bailed early on it, but I’m stubborn.  Ran 17.01 miles at 11:24 pace.
  • Saturday – Rest – I ran 200m in.. I have no clue how long.  Started the day at the runDisney Kids Races then finished watching my husband and several friends cross the finish line at the Tower of Terror 10-Miler!
  • Sunday – Rest


Previous marathon training workout recaps:

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  1. You are inspiring! I’m tired just reading this. :) )

  2. Once my knee feels better, I need to get a lesson on how you do the Yasso 800s. I’ve read up on it but figured you can explain it in better wording :)
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