Weekly Workout Recap: September 9th – September 22nd

I’m trying really hard to stick to my goals this month and to my training plan.  I’m not perfect, it’s too hard to be with life getting in the way, but I’m doing my best and that’s what matters, right?  Right.

Marathon Training – Week 9:

  • Monday – Easy 4 + 6 Strides – Skipped my run, we had a really busy night, making it up on Wednesday after yoga.
  • Tuesday – Cross Train – Rode bikes with B, not sure that it counts though :)
  • Wednesday – Cross Train – Went to a Power Yoga class at the gym, followed by an easy 4 miles on the treadmill.  I was supposed to do 6 strides at the end, but couldn’t really figure out how to do that so I just cranked up the speed at the end and ran an extra .25 as fast as I could.  Loved the yoga class and I’m really looking forward to going again next week!
  • Thursday – 5 Tempo (1 WU, 3T, 1 CD) – Adam’s work ran late and Braden had soccer pictures, we didn’t get home until after 8pm so I didn’t have time :(
  • Friday – Cross Train – The gym offers a yoga class at 5:30 and I really want to figure out a way to work it into our schedule.  It’s right at dinner time and hard.. need to figure that out though.
  • Saturday – Long 13 – Since I skipped my 15-mile long run last weekend, I did it today.  Ran 15 miles at 10:54 pace.  I ran the first 7.5 without stopping and felt amazing, then made a pit stop at the house to refill my water bottle and put on sunscreen.  I felt good until around 11 miles, then it started to get really hot and I took a few walk breaks and stopped to stretch a few times.  Forgot to stop my watch during a potty break too, oops!  Overall though, it was a really good run, it’s making me more optomistic about the 20-miler.
  • Sunday – Rest

Marathon Training – Week 10:

  • Monday – Easy 4 – Ran 4 miles at 9:38 pace on the treadmill at the gym.  I can’t wait ’til it’s cool enough to run outside in the afternoon.
  • Tuesday – Easy 6 – Decided to change it up and do Yasso 800s.  I did a warm up mile, then 4 800s in 4 minutes each (so 8:00 pace), with a 4 minute recovery jog in between, then a mile cool down.  The treadmill and I do not get along so I have no clue what my overall pace was.  One of these days I’ll figure it out.  I do like the treadmill for speed work though, I don’t think I could have held that pace for that long on my own.
  • Wednesday – Cross Train – I went to another Power Yoga class at the gym and loved it.  I am definitely going to keep this one on my Wednesday night schedule.
  • Thursday – 7 Negative Splits 3/3/1 – I missed this one, Braden had soccer practice and Adam needed to get his run in so I took the kids to soccer while he ran since he did it on Tuesday.  Is it bad that I can’t wait ’til soccer is over? :)
  • Friday – Cross Train – Mackenzie had a parade at school at 4, then Braden had a soccer game at 5:30, then we went to eat, so I missed this one since I needed to get to bed early for my 4:30AM wake up call for tomorrow’s long run.
  • Saturday – Long 16 – Ran 16 miles!  I met up with one of my friends to run two, then we ran the remaining 14 with her running group.  They’re a Galloway group and do 4:1 intervals.  It was really nice running with a group, I’ve never done it before and it made the miles FLY by!  I’m going to look into joining :)
  • Sunday – Rest

Previous marathon training workout recaps:

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  1. I love running with a group and love the intervals. I am sticking with 2:1 right now- seem to work best for me. I need a walk break (especially with my lung issues right now) it helps me not get too out of breath. I had to walk a little more than I expected for my 14 this weekend- I forgot the last 4 miles were half huge hills and just didn’t have it in my to run up them so I walked up and ran down, ha!

  2. Kristina @ Blog About Running says:

    I too find that the treadmill is such a helpful tool for speedwork. I’m terrible at pushing the pace on myself so the treadmill definitely helps me out there. Awesome job on the 16 mile group run! Bet it was fun!
    Kristina @ Blog About Running recently posted…I Just Ran 8 Miles for the First Time (OMG)My Profile

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