Weekly Workout Recap: August 26th – September 8th

Week 7 was not kind to me. I spent the entire week sick and miserable. I contemplated calling in sick to work more times than I care to count, but I couldn’t because we are just crazy busy right now. I was going to bed at the same time as the kids, often falling asleep when I was putting Braden to bed and just staying there ’til Adam woke me up to move to our bed.

I ended up taking a week off of running. My ankle still hurts, my knee is bugging me, and with the way I felt, I knew it wasn’t smart for me to keep pushing. I was getting burnt out and not enjoying my runs. While I was taking a break, I decided to tweak my training plan a bit. I liked the one I was doing, but it was getting to be a bit too much for me. There were a good number of longer runs during the week and those are really hard to manage with everything else on my plate. My body was also yelling at me, it wasn’t happy, which you can see if you go back and read my workout recaps.. I’ve been sick and rundown a lot more than normal.

So, to fix it, I have a new plan. I went out and grabbed a bunch of different marathon training plans, loaded them all into a spreadsheet, figured out what I thought would work best for me.. and made my own training plan. It’s still pretty similar to what I was doing, since I liked the workouts, but I cut out some of the runs and replaced it with cross training to help me have more time to recover. I’m also going to try really hard to stick to the proper training paces I talked about here.  Hopefully it works, we’ll see!

Marathon Training – Week 7:

  • Monday – Easy 3 + 8 Strides – Rest/Recovery
  • Tuesday – Cross Train – Rest/Recovery
  • Wednesday – Cross Train – Rest/Recovery
  • Thursday – Easy 6 – Rest/Recovery
  • Friday – Cross Train – Rest/Recovery
  • Saturday – Long 12 – Ran 13.1 miles (7 outside, 6.1 on the treadmill) at 11:08 pace
  • Sunday – Rest

Marathon Training – Week 8:

  • Monday – 3.5 Tempo – Ran the RUN JAX Labor Day Run – 3.5 miles at 9:31 pace
  • Tuesday – Easy 3 – Didn’t have time, I had to work late and then take Braden to soccer.  I did chase Mackenzie around for an hour at soccer practice and played freeze tag with a little girl.. does that count?  I’ll make it up tomorrow.
  • Wednesday – Cross Train – Went to the gym to run the 3 I missed yesterday and to do yoga for cross training.  Mackenzie had a melt down so I had to throw in the towel at 2 miles.  She wouldn’t go home with Adam, then Braden had a melt down because we were leaving (he LOVES the kid club) so instead of leaving Adam to wrangle that chaos alone, I left with him.  2 miles at 10:00 pace and no yoga :(
  • Thursday – Easy 6 – Crazy thunder and lightening tonight so I went to the gym to get my miles in.  Right after I hit 5 miles and cranked up the speed on the treadmill for my last mile, the power went out and the entire gym went black.. talk about creepy!!  Getting the last mile in wasn’t worth running in the crazy weather, so I called it quits at 5.  My average pace was somewhere around 10:45.
  • Friday – Cross Train – Planned to do yoga plus run two miles to make up for the two I missed earlier this week, but yoga fell right in the middle of dinner time and we had errands to run for the weekend.  I need to figure out a plan to get to the 5:30 yoga class on Fridays.
  • Saturday – Long 15 – I went to the ZOOMA Inspired Yoga + Run out at Jax Beach.  We started off with a 50-minute yoga session on the lawn in front of the Seawalk Pavilion, followed by a 3-mile beach run.  Such a fabulous event!  Didn’t do my long run, we left right after the Inspired event to spend the weekend in Orlando visiting Adam’s family.
  • Sunday – Planned to do my long run when we got home, but didn’t have time.

Previous marathon training workout recaps:

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  1. Sarah @ Sweet Miles says:

    So glad to see you’re feeling better :) I think making your own training plan is a PERFECT idea! I always feel so pressured to stick to those pre-made plans and I never do!
    Sarah @ Sweet Miles recently posted…Old Navy Running ApparelMy Profile

  2. meghan @ little girl in the big world says:

    Nice job playing it smart and taking the week off! It’s better that way than hurting yourself for sure. And I LOVE that your son was throwing a tantrum because he didn’t want to leave kid’s club. I need to train my kids to love the kids club when I have them one day.
    meghan @ little girl in the big world recently posted…I signed up for Ironman ChattanoogaMy Profile

    • Thanks Meghan.. it’s hard to take a week off during marathon training, but I figured it was for the best.

      I think if I were a kid, I’d never want to leave the kids club either — it has one of those big play structures they can climb around in, a ton of toys, movies, video games.. he has a blast in there!

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