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2014 Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend


I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I’ve written here. Yikes. I didn’t intentionally take a break – I’ve actually started to write a recap of the Wine & Dine Half Marathon weekend at Epcot a few times, but just never really felt up to it. I thought that maybe once the race pictures were posted, it would inspire.. something. The one picture taken of me while running the race didn’t do much to inspire anything though. It actually bummed me out a little. Long story short (I’ll explain more later), Adam and I had a really great weekend. Wine & Dine is probably my most favorite race and I enjoyed it. However, the race itself was a bit ho-hum this year since the weather didn’t really cooperate and I hurt my hip while running, so instead of finishing happy and all smiles, instead I was cold, wet, in pain, and bummed.


Disney Marathon Training Week 6, 7 & 8

My Disney Marathon training is not off to a great start and if the past few weeks are any indication of how it will go, I’m in trouble.  Big trouble.  After coming off of a really great week of training (Week 5), the last two weeks were just.. ugh.  Between shuffling the kids around to gymnastics, karate, ballet, Cub Scouts, and tumbling, me getting sick, then Adam getting sick, going out of town for a wedding, etc..  It was just hard.  It is what it is though.  I know that when it comes to balancing marathon training with my duties as a mom, being mom and being there for my family will always win. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Disney Marathon Training Week 5 + Weekend Fun

Hello, hello! It’s been a busy few days around here, I kind of want to skip eating lunch today and just go take a nap instead! I have the recap of my Disney Marathon training below but first I want to tell you about our wonderful weekend!!


Disney Marathon Training Plan: Week 4

Week four of my Disney Marathon training plan is done!  It wasn’t a perfect week, but I’m okay with that.  I did the best I could (well, perhaps I could have run in the rain, but I really didn’t want to!).  Last week in my training recap, I asked you guys about coming back from a LONG break and how I’ve been struggling with slower times and feeling like I really need walk breaks, even on shorter runs.  I got a lot of really great advice from you guys, so thank you!  I decided to start with my shorter weekday runs and just make myself run a mile without stopping.. and I did! I ended up running four actually!  I did allow myself a little bit of a break at each mile to stretch out my legs and catch my breath, but I ran each mile with no walk breaks.. baby steps!!


Disney Marathon Training Plan: Week 3

Week three of my Disney Marathon training plan is done and you won’t believe this, but I didn’t miss a SINGLE run!  I did my long run with my husband this weekend and after our run, we had a little chat about how it went.  I’m struggling with something and I thought maybe you guys could help me figure out what to do.


Disney Marathon Training Plan: Weeks 1 & 2

As of two weeks ago, I officially started my Disney Marathon training plan.  I thinking I mentioned before, it’s basically Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 plan, but reworked just a bit to accommodate my fall race schedule.  I may add a few other races to my plan depending on our weekend plans, just because I’d much rather do my long runs in a race environment than on my own.  While I do enjoy doing shorter runs on my own, the 2+ hour runs get awfully lonely!


Beat the Training Blues


I’m right at the tail end of marathon training and I really want to tell you that it is wonderful and I love it, but I’d be lying if I did.  Until recently, this training cycle has been a real struggle for me.  I am a creature of habit and my training showed it, which meant that my training runs became really, really boring.  I often run in the same place and do the same workouts week after week, which was making it incredibly hard to get out the door.


2014 Memorial Day 5K


I debated running the Memorial Day 5K, we didn’t sign up until two days before and ultimately decided to do it because we did it last year. Much like this year, I took a break from running after the Bainbridge Half to let my body recover from the training. My body didn’t really need to recover this year, but mentally I just haven’t been there. I’ve had no desire to run at all. Last year, I ran a PR at the Memorial Day 5K and was really, really happy with my time.