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Happy Birthday Adam!

Today was Adam’s 37th birthday and Braden has been talking about it for the last week. He kept telling me that he wanted me to take him shopping so he could pick out Daddy’s birthday present. I tried telling him that we already bought it (he got a Garmin Forerunner 310XT and I’m only a little bit jealous) but he would not let it go. I finally convinced him that we’d bake Daddy a cake and have a little party for him at the house and give him the gift I already got him.. that seemed to appease him for a bit. He mentioned buying him a remote controlled car approximately 6,453,646,253 times while we were getting everything ready though. It’s a good thing he is so darned cute.


Mackenzie’s Sweet Shoppe!

I’ll spare you a lot of words since there are a TON of pictures.. they pretty much tell the story. We celebrated Mackenzie’s big day today and it was wonderful!


Happy Birthday Mackenzie!!

How is this possible? I cannot believe that a year ago, I spent the afternoon trying to decide if I was in labor or not. Then rushing to the hospital once I realized that I was (and by realize, I mean my doula told me to get my toosh to the hospital ASAP) actually in labor. And then meeting her. My beautiful girl. How has it been a year?