Review: Using VegaSport to Fuel Your Better

I’ll be honest, I stink at post-run refueling.  I love to stretch and cool down and all of that, but I’ve had a hard time finding something that I like that’s easy to take with me (since I often do long runs away from home).  When FitApproach and VegaSport offered to send me a sample of their Vega Sport Performance Protein to try out, I was all over it.  Vega Sports goal is to help you Fuel Your Better and they have a wide array of products to help you do that – from pre-run energizers to post-run recovery accelerators.

vegasport fuel your better

I was hesitant once they arrived.  I’ve had bad experiences in the past with protein powders and shakes.  They always taste chalky or too chemicall-y for me.  I’ve been sticking with good old chocolate milk and it’s been doing the trick.  I figured it couldn’t hurt to see what else was out there though and to compare it to what I’m used to.

Here’s what the VegaSport folks have to say about it:

A complete multi-source, alkaline-forming, plant-based protein powder blend, featuring 5,000mg of BCAAs and 5,000mg of glutamine per serving, Vega Sport Performance Protein is formulated to:

  • Improve strength and exercise performance
  • Repair and build muscles
  • Reduce recovery time between training

The recent innovation to Vega Sport Performance Protein comes from the addition of SaviSeed (sacha inchi) protein, a rich, plant-based source of the amino acid tryptophan. Tryptophan is a key component of serotonin production. Serotonin—the feel good hormone—helps with the mental aspect of recovery, so you’ll keep the drive alive and be motivated to train again. Take Vega Sport Performance Protein within 30 to 90 minutes of your workout or throughout the day to meet your individual protein needs to recharge and repair so you can do it all again, sooner.

So, what did I think?  I liked it.  I tried the vanilla flavor and mixed it with chocolate almond milk.  The flavor was great, it wasn’t at all chalky and it felt like I was drinking a treat, not like something I had to hold my breath and gag down.  (You all know you’ve been there with some of these shakes!!)  I definitely need to invest in a shaker bottle of some sort, I had a hard time getting all of the mix to dissolve, but I think that was more my fault than Vegas.

vegasport fuel your better

I wasn’t sore at all the next day and as I’ve mentioned recently, I’m totally out of shape, so I do think it helped.  I plan to continue using it, particularly after my long runs.  I like that you have the option of buying it in a large tub (great for home use) or in the little on-the-go packs.  Like I said earlier, I try to do most of my long runs away from home so it will be nice to be able to toss these in my bag for post-run refueling.

Overall, I really enjoyed the product and I do think that it helped Fuel Your Better (or, my better, you know what I mean!).  It’s something I can definitely see myself continuing to use throughout my next marathon training cycle.

Disclosure:  VegaSport Fuel Your Better provided me with a free sample in exchange for an honest review.

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