Review: Decking My Halls with Minted

Hello, hello!

I feel like I keep doing the post and run, but this time of year I rarely get two minutes to sit down at all, much less any time to actually write. To be honest though, I wouldn’t change it for a second. The kids are out of school for the holidays and I took two glorious weeks off of work and we are savoring every second.

Y’all know that I tend to pile things on at times, right? Why do one thing if you can do ten? Why relax when you can add a million things to your to-do list?? I’ve been slowly working on our guest room/office — it’s no longer a guest room and it’s my office and an entertainment room (aka where B goes to play Skylanders). There was a good bit of DIY involved which got my wheels spinning and now I have an entire list of things I want to do around the house. I bought a new sewing machine and I have a few spools of fabric sitting in my dining room just waiting for me..

But first, I need to find something to go on the walls in the office. I knew that minted did gorgeous holiday cards, but I never thought to check them out for home decor.  When I did, I was blown away by their selection.  This caught my eye first.  I’d love to hang this in the office – such a wonderful reminder.

decking my halls with minted

As I poked around the minted site some more, I was shocked at all of the great stuff.  I wish I’d found it sooner because I could have picked up several really amazing gifts.  I love that you can swap out the colors and frames right on the site so you can get and idea of what it will look like in your space.  This one I adore.  I’d love to redo our kids bathroom and hang something like this in it with pictures of their sweet little faces.

decking my halls with minted

And speaking of bathrooms, I’ve been searching for something to go on the wall above the toilet in our guest bathroom.  How perfect is this?!  I love that it’s not one of the cookie cutter prints that you see in so many of our local home decor shops.  It’s simple but different and the water droplets are perfect for a bathroom.

decking my halls with minted

My next big project is our dining room and I have big plans for it.  This last print is perfect for what I want to achieve.  So much of what we have in our house is just what we could afford shortly after we were married.  It’s from the big box stores and not at all personal.  I’m working on changing that and prints like this really make it easy to incorporate who you are into your decor.

decking my halls with minted

I really can’t wait for y’all to see what I have up my sleeve for our dining room.. now to convince my dad that he really wants to help me with it! 😉

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season with your family and I hope to be back to posting (and running, darn injuries!) regularly again soon.  For now though, I’m off to snuggle my babies!

Don’t forget about the Training Run this Saturday with ZOOMA at the Town Center 1st Place Sports store! The run starts at 7AM and we have some great giveaways from Feetures! and ZOOMA!! I hope to see you all there!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by minted.  I urge you to visit their site though, because I fell in love with so many things on it and I’m sure you will too!

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